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Rather ominous title, but it's not all dark and gloomy I assure you!

Basically starting off not far from where we were in Reclamation of Tania, the makeshift Vanguard makes their way towards the Bernese mountains in search of the Hyperion safe house. Ellie's been faced with severe opposition to her initial plan; she hopes luck is on their side in that they can convince the army to send a liaison in the form of her brother, Leroy Vael, but a part of her dreads the reunion. Until then, she does her best to stay on task, hoping Shad can point them safely in the right direction.

So, hope the majority of the group can partake - I'll be working out a final post on my part for Reclamation of Tania and I'll work out an intro to this as soon as I can, hopefully tomorrow.
Sounds good to me. Confirming Ambrose returning.
I think just by the description alone I've been confirmed for the rp. But just to make it official, Shad will be in the rp. As well as some of my NPCs, as it is the Hyperion"safe"house.
Paige is in.
Cecily will be joining. I would suspect Wyvern's Satsume would be tagging along as well.
Sounds great guys! Sorry for the tardiness again, weekend hasn't stopped and doesn't look like tonight will offer me much free time either. I SWEAR I'll get a closing post and intro up this week to get the ball rolling. I suck, I know. Sad
I'm not exactly in a rush to go post, so take your time Smile.
Any update? IRL aggro?
(10-26-2016, 06:24 PM)Lavi Wrote: [ -> ]Any update? IRL aggro?

Seconded. What's the word?
I was having passing thoughts on trying to start up the thread myself, because, how I understand it, the Hyperion safe house is going to be a major part of this thread for at least the first half. But I think Zanryu was also going to do the closing post of Reclamation of Tania, so I think we are waiting on him to do that as well.
Anyone feel like doing some supports while we're waiting? This seems to be a good time. Paige needs to get to know some people.
I'm up for it. For how long Shad and Paige have been traveling together, it's a bit overdue. And he has nothing stopping him this time. No magic exhaustion, no passing out from blood loss from multiple wounds, no running away from the church in the dead of night, no staying behind due to recovering from previously mentioned magic exhaustion. So I'm good for it.
I'll try and get something up this weekend. Probably involve trying to learn the intricacies of her Levin sword.
By the way, Swift, I've been meaning to ask, what happened to Lennox?

I know I complained about him, but I didn't mean for you to write him out completely.

I mean, unless he beat us there.
He was heading the other way. He's chasing after Illya with Carla. Since we actually have another rp going on, hopefully Lennox could jump into that group at some point. He'd kinda mess up the whole Hyperion safe house part of the next rp if he was there.

I could do another post in Reclamation of Tania just entailing Lennox.
I'm not opposed to having a Support RP, but I am unsure whether it is viable for Cecily since she's a fairly "new" person to the others of the group, sans Satsume.
Another rp to rag on Satsume? Why not? Anyway, I figured now was a good time to tell everyone that from November 13th to November 20th, I'll be on a cruise, probably only having internet service until we are off the Jersey Shore on the 13th, in Florida on the 15th(going to Universal) and when we return to port in New York on the 20th, as I'm not paying for their slow internet and my phone probably won't have service in the Bahamas. I kinda hoped the rp would have at least started off by now. Anyway, just letting you all know now.

EDIT: I just realized Reclamation was already locked...so how is Zanryu even going to make the closing post for it if he can't post in it?
I'm not exactly in a rush, but I'd like this to at least start in some capacity. We already have a basic idea of how the thread is going to start, so why don't we set the characters on the road for now?
Sorry for not showing up. A lot of things suddenly came up.

As for starting this RP, I had an idea to turn it into a social RP. The group is going through the mountains separating Lycia and Bern. On their way, they run into a group of refugees. The group guides them until they come across some sort of abandoned fort and settle there. The refugees happen to be carrying plentiful food supplies and prepare a feast to celebrate their survival.

In other words: The Fire Emblem Insurrection Holiday Special.

I feel in a festive mood these days Tongue
Uh...yeah. That was in no way what Zanryu had planned. There would have probably been celebrating at the end, to an extent, but it was a bit more grim than that. The first half would have involved having to liberate the Hyperion safe house from bandits in an attempt to save Shad's sister, future brother-in-law, and some of his servants, and in doing so protect a town that would have been the bandits next target. We would have discovered almost all of the soldier Shads had there, including my npc Marcus, slaughtered along the path there.
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