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Full Version: Top 5 Worst FE Lords
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There hasn't really been any discussion lately, so I'll post a new topic here.

And note, if you like any of the characters listed here, no problem. If you have a good use for them, that's fine. I'm not bashing you for using them, I'm just posting my personal opinions towards these characters themselves and why they they are being posted here.

My Top 5 Worst Lords

5. Chrom. It's not that Chrom is a bad unit, he's fairly solid, But my main problem with Chrom is that, everything he does, Robin and Lucina does better. It also doesn't help his case that his promotion and reclass choices are kind of barren compared to several other characters.

4. Lyn. Lyn isn't actually a bad unit, but compared to what the other 2 lords get in her respective game, she's definitely an afterthought. Her speed is nice, until you realize she can't do any damage, and she dodges less than you might think. She's Light affinity, so she gains no avoid whatsoever unless paired up with proper-natured support partners, and even then, she doesn't even gain that much. And her support options are either pretty bad, or incompatible. Rath isn't being used, and even if he was, he's outpacing her with his mobility. Wil is even worse than Rath. Wallace isn't being used because lets be honest, Geitz is sooo much better. Kent and Florina, while good characters, outmobilizes Lyn. This leaves only Eliwood and Hector. Eliwood outmobilizes her later on, and Hector has far better things to do with his time than supporting with Lyn. Her promotion choice is also rather awkward, and her Infinity+1 Sword is probably the worst Legendary Weapon in the entire game. What keeps her from being higher on this list is the fact that she doesn't have the restriction of being force-promoted much later than the other 2 lords.

3. Leaf. Now we're starting to get into some of the real stinkers. FIrst off, look at these base stats:


You CAN'T look at those stats and tell me he's not awful. But his awful base stats aside, the number one reason why he's #3, and not #1 is because he promotes somewhat earlier than you might expect him to, and he does reasonably well after promotion. And, surprisingly, there are 2 other lords that are worse.

2. Micaiah. Okay, put away your pitchforks, and allow me to reason. Micaiah always has two different factions: Ones who defend her with their life and bash Ike for being a Gary Stu, and ones who think she's the worst unit in the game and possibly the series. Now while she's definitely not the worst unit in the game, let alone the series, that doesn't mean she's good at all.  I'm not pulling any more punches from here, but put simply, she's a mediocre character put in a game that punishes mediocrity. She's supposed to be a Tank Mage, and honestly, Tank characters are hit or miss. I enjoyed using Oswin, Gilliam, and hell even Hector because they also had a decent-ish resistance and sky high HP to stomach a magic hit if push comes to shove. Micaiah, on the other hand, DOESN'T HAVE EITHER OF THAT. She has very high resistance, yes, but what good is making her a tank mage, if her HP is garbage, and her defense is even worse? And don't give me the bullshit about how you can just give her Resolve, because LITERALLY EVERY SINGLE OTHER CHARACTER CAN ALSO MAKE USE OF IT TOO. She's the first mage lord to be introduced into the series, and honestly, I'd say she set the bar pretty damn low. But there is only one lord character who managed to somehow be worse than her.

1. Roy. Where do I begin. Ah, yes, mediocre bases, growths that do not help the mediocre bases, a terrible supporting cast, with his best supports often leaving him in the dust. AWFUL pacing, ridiculous promotion time (promotes at Chapter 21, giving you a whole 4 chapters before the game ends to develop him, only one chapter if you didn't bother getting the gaidens), and being a sitting duck for the rest of the 75% of the game. And since this is also a game that punishes mediocrity, he will be in risk to die in the later chapters. A LOT. And when he does promote, and get his Legendary MacGuffin, he's only barely usable, and several other character still outdo him by this point in the game. AND his Infinity+1 Sword won't last forever. 20 uses. He is the primary example of a bad lord.
Don't forget the fact that Roy gets an average of 0 points of strength before promotion.

Edit: AND that his stats are strictly inferior to Eliwood's and guess what, he has mediocre stats too.
Speedy's gonna throw a fit when he sees Lyn on your list, mate.

Not that I disagree with you, of course - I haven't done a playthrough with a good Lyn.... well, ever.
(07-21-2016, 04:29 AM)MMM Wrote: [ -> ]Don't forget the fact that Roy gets an average of 0 points of strength before promotion.

Edit: AND that his stats are strictly inferior to Eliwood's and guess what, he has mediocre stats too.

At least Eliwood gets a horse, can promote reasonably earlier depending on the mode (I based my analyses on HHM usually), has existant defenses and offense thanks to not having the majority of his BST being put in Luck like Roy had, and his supports actually don't suck.

What's Roy's excuse? Maybe he's better in Smash than in Fire Emblem? Fair enough. Let me have a look at how he's doi--

[Image: z2WK1MR.png]

Oh... Okay then.

So he's literally bottom 5 in Melee, and though it doesn't look like it because the 2nd list is super outdated, he's actually bottom 10 in Smash Wii U. Guess he has no excuse after all.
Maybe he has the excuse of being a likeable character which is totally likely when he is shit at battling

To be fair, I'd throw Eliwood up there before Lyn, ever wonder where Roy gets his bad genes from? It's certainly not Ninian or village mom!
Great spd/skl/lck, decent res/pow allow Lyn to destroy mages and fliers once she gains bows and can effectively be your main bow user if for some reason you skip Rebecca...<.<

Never needed to rely on supports much in GBA era, they're nice, but not needed to win. I've never had a bad Lyn, Had mediocre Eliwood consistently (was good once...but I hacked the game at that point).

I'll give you the Sol Katti for it's lulzy WT, but only half of it because fanservice. Tongue

Is Eirika anymore solid btw? I feel like Lyn outdoes her, while Eirika's saving grace is her legendary wpn...
Eirika has better stats, a horse, and better supports. AND a better Infinity+1 weapon.
Also Fala, I feel like Chrom is suffering from tough luck to make it onto your list. He IS worse than Robin, but saying he's worse than Lucina is pretty unfair just because the kids are all broken af.

I'd sooner put Eliwood or even FE11 Marth on the list than Chrom.
I'd agree with Eliwood over Chrom on the list. Also "X lord outclasses Y hence Y should be on the list" shouldn't really be an reason for them to be one of the worst lords imo though I can still see why Lyn would be on the list (though she was still somewhat fun to use).
I haven't played FE11, so Idk about Marth, but I knew Marth from FE1 was pretty dang broken so I assumed more of the same.

Eliwood still has a good class, a horse, and good supports to work with, and his stats for the most part don't suck. Plus I went with one per game. That's why I kept him off the list.

#5 and #4 aren't really that bad, but they could be a lot better. I could've easily made this a Top 3 List, but that doesn't sound like an attention-grabbing title. Tongue