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Promoted Teams tournament - fensti - 02-26-2015

8 team promoted tournament. Seeding and teams will be randomized. Single elim and best of 1.

Starting gold will be 12000 and wins will give 2000 more.


RE: Promoted Teams tournament - Falaflame - 02-27-2015

(02-27-2015, 12:10 PM)Falaflame Wrote: Sands of Time
Sacred Stone
Garden Castle
Battlegrounds (6p)
Below Freezing (5p)

Those are some good 4 player maps if you need them.
Copy and pasting it here.

RE: Promoted Teams tournament - LeaderR Elliot - 03-04-2015

Hurrah for team tourneys!

Any info on deadlines to ready up and kick inactive players?

RE: Promoted Teams tournament - fensti - 03-09-2015

Once the Promoted one fills up there will be a day or two for everyone to get ready then I will kick people who aren't ready.

RE: Promoted Teams tournament - Falaflame - 03-12-2015

So is anyone else going to join this? We have 3 spots up for grabs.

RE: Promoted Teams tournament - Fredmir - 03-12-2015

Copied from my post in unpromo tourny, just so it's taken into consideration in this tourny too.

(03-12-2015, 08:53 PM)Fredmir Wrote: Sorry for double post =/

(02-27-2015, 05:34 PM)fensti Wrote: I think will be Garden Castle since it is nice and symmetrical. For a best of 3 setup I would probably expand the list to the following:

Forest Temple
Garden Castle
Sacred Stone
Sands of Time

Nice and Symmetrical maps, where teams are split like that, gives a little much of an advantage to Orange-Red team, Blue or green quickly end up being cornered by the two others while his teammate has to run to try to help.

in 2/3 battles right now, we can see that it happened. And 3rd one is filled with 3 newbies, so I wouldn't really count it as a good exemple.

Forest Temple at least doesn't split teammates, so cornering 1 teammate is impossible.

Sacred Stones doesn't attract me much, but probably looks playable, for the same reason as Forest Temple.

Sands of time looks good I think, we used it in an unofficial tourny we tried once.

else, I think Bow of the Wind and Hero of the West both looks playable too, even if Orange is really far in the latter.

RE: Promoted Teams tournament - fensti - 03-17-2015

Anyone not readied by 6 PM EDT tomorrow night will be kicked from the tournament.

RE: Promoted Teams tournament - Falaflame - 03-18-2015

Alright so it appears the final spot has finally been taken. Good luck to anyone and whoever they get paired with!

RE: Promoted Teams tournament - fensti - 03-31-2015

Looks like I forgot to put the points in for winning a match. Might be able to do something about that, though probably not since I can't get into the database.

RE: Promoted Teams tournament - fensti - 05-27-2015

Just did all the prizes for this tournament.