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Full Version: FE:Insurrection - Chronology of Events
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This thread contains the recent events leading up to the current day. As it stands, this serves as a backstory to explain the current state of Lycia, Bern, and Etruria. However, RPs will be reviewed by moderators upon completion to add specific accomplishments and story developments. That's right - your characters' greatest adventures will be documented here!

Fire Emblem: Insurrection

One hundred years after the events of FE6…

Minus 2 years:
The federation of Lycia is reorganized into a powerful empire, citing protection from the neighboring regions. The paranoia exhibited by the newly appointed emperor manifests itself among the Lycian populace, and the citizens become wary of outsiders.
The king of Etruria is made aware of the dissension amongst the Lycian populace, and begins moving to make peace with the new empire. As a precaution, Etruria increases its border patrols.

Minus 1.75 years:
Commerce between Lycia and Etruria begins to steadily decrease. Representatives from both nations agree to meet in Ostia. The Lycian Emperor pressures Etruria to establish additional trade routes that lead through bandit territory, refusing to extend “unprompted” niceties to the kingdom of Bern.

Minus 1.5 years:
Bern appoints a new king. This young ruler wishes to rid Bern of its tainted image, still persistent after conflicts nearly 150 years prior. He is well-liked among his citizens.

Minus 1 year:
Following several disastrous forays along the new trade routes, Etruria ceases all activity with Lycia. Displeased at the waning profits, Lycia mobilizes a large military force to crush the bandit resistance along the Lycia-Etruria border. Innocent Lycian villages are razed and its inhabitants scattered to the north. The emperor accuses Etruria of forcing the Lycians from their homes, and tensions rise between the two nations.

Minus 9 months:
Citing the safety of his people, the Lycian Emperor decrees that all use of “black magic” (Dark and Anima) shall be prohibited in Lycia. Scholars and mages are forced to continue their studies elsewhere. To dissipate the fear among the Lycian populace, the emperor founds the Church of the Preservation of Sanctity. Elimine clergy situated in Lycia are encouraged to switch to the new church’s teachings.

Minus 1 month:
With the empire’s coffers running low, and hesitant to test the resolve of his people any further, the emperor assembles his closest subordinates and begins discussing plans for “convincing” Etruria to submit to Lycian annexation.
Meanwhile, Etruria closes its borders to the south, fearing imminent invasion.

Minus 1 week:
An Etrurian spy is caught during a conference in Ostia. The news spreads quickly. The emperor’s confidants use this as an opportunity to spread word to the Lycian population that Etruria means to attack Lycia, absolving the latter of any wrongdoing in the coming weeks.

Day Zero
Lycian legions invade the southern provinces of Etruria and overpower the initial resistance. The Etrurian military falls into disarray, and a panicked Etrurian king immediately begins preparing grounds for Lycian appeasement. Scores of magic users attempt to leave Etruria, escaping eastward into parts of Sacae and northern Lycia.

Plus 2 months
The Lycian Empire annexes Etruria. The Church of St. Elimine is razed, and the Church of the Preservation of Sanctity adopts Elimine as their new saint. Open persecution of nature and elder magic practitioners begins in Etruria, and tomes are confiscated and destroyed.

Plus 6 months
Due in part to the influx of Etrurian refugees, several resistance movements begin to surface in Bern, prompting eastern Lycia to restrict border access. The king of Bern continues to accept refugees from Lycia and Etruria, cementing his stance as a sympathizer to the Etrurian cause.

Plus 9 months (This is the present day of the RP)
The King of Bern covertly authorizes a force of wyvern troops to pass into eastern Lycia. Bloodshed is surprisingly minimal - Pherae seems to allow the Bernese to pass through unimpeded, and Tania's skirmishes are similarly quiet. Word of a possible invasion reaches the Lycian capital. Imperial contingents in Araphen and Ostia-Caelin mobilize and prepare to advance on the eastern salient.

The conflict in Tania seemingly never escalates beyond minor engagements. Then suddenly, a massive explosion of light is caught originating from the Tanian capital. The entire city is razed. Anyone caught in the blast is wiped clean from the earth. Rumors indicate that the blast was of Lycia's doing.

The Observations of the Scholar Relius

“It has recently come to my attention that there have been happenings in Pherae these past few months. The easternmost province of Lycia is in a most tumultuous and unenviable position, having to endure a shared border with Bern while seated beneath the iron fist of the Emperor. Bandit activity here has recently become more widespread – I believe the hooligans are wise to the overwhelming stress experienced by Phereans in general, making them easy targets for their schemes. The Emperor’s men have not obsoleted the Pherean marquess’ rule as of this time, but I suspect that, with the recent abdication of the rulers of Tania and Laus, that this too is inevitable.”

“Etruria is struggling to re-establish its identity under Lycian rule. To these people, fear sits among a hellfire backdrop. The lackadaisical attitude of Lycian martial law has enabled desperate survivors to flee into Sacae. Previously unchallenged paths have now been trampled flat despite well-documented bandit activity in the mountains. Do these people truly fear a life under the Emperor so much that they would risk meeting their end on a poisioned blade..?”

"Pherae has, perhaps unknowingly, found itself to be rife with activity these last few weeks. Though the general populace is still mostly fearful of the Emperor's wrath, a couple small groups of like-minded individuals have been acting with a purpose. I can only speculate as to where their intentions lie, but I hoped to confirm my beliefs after the events that occurred at the Pherae Royal Library. Though my pedigree as a scholar and historian should have been sufficient to allow me entry, I was rebuffed at the entrance by a detachment from the Church of the Preservation of Sanctity. This blatant attempt to control information does not bode well for Lycia, and I fear that this is the Emperor's means of consolidating his rule..."

"Never has Lycia seen more strife in the last hundred years than this day. Gods alive... I can only pray that the conflict ends quickly. My thoughts and prayers are with the Tanian people..."

The Scholar Relius has been traveling all across the land, observing the political and cultural changes across eastern Elibe since before the Emperor rose to power. Roleplays that tell of or trigger such a change will be documented and summarized here.