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[Dual stat skill] Nerf colossus - Speedchain - 03-19-2016

Colossus is extremely overpowered. Not only is it stronger than impale, but it is also much easier to activate.

If you run 40 hp 20 pow then anytime impale would activate colossus will also be able to activate, but because a lot of units don't run 40/20 colossus can activate more often even on units that have (near) max pow.  The most common impalers are mystics and nomads. Mystics often run the 40 hp 20 pow combo and nomads can easily get it as well, but a lot of other units can reach it too without sacrificing too much in other stats mostly axe and dark units excel at this. Using impale on axe or dark users isn't very common, but with the power that colossus gives a unit colossus should be run on basically any unit with high hp and pow at this point.

If you don't want to risk getting OHKOed by a mithril bow colossus then you need to build your pegs something like this:

Lunar Kn. [Brave]
Stats at level 20
HP [2/20%]: 40.00
POW [0/0%]: 9.00
SKL [0/0%]: 10.00
SPD [2/10%]: 24.00
DEF [2/10%]: 12.00
RES [0/0%]: 13.00
LCK [0/0%]: 13.00

Of course, mithril bows aren't the most accurate things in the world, but that's still more than 50% from a -skill and -luck mystic and around 70% from a berserker nomad that runs something along the lines of 40/20/17/16.

You'll have to rely on mirage which is probably what you want to do if you use dual stat skills, but you don't even get max speed and with that mediocre luck you're not even guaranteed to activate it against non peg mages.

The old standard 32 hp 9 def nomad builds take an amazing 46 damage from colossus halberds. As M pointed out the nomad needs to wear a 1 wt weapon for you to activate colossus in this scenario, but worry not we still have the twin hatchet which deals 33 damage and if you run a 42/44hp max pow armour you can just use a reliable silver and OHKO with 15% more accuracy. This means that an armour can reach 65% or more without any investment in skill or luck. 

I haven't looked at all the different units, but what it comes down to is that any unequipped unit with 32 hp and 20 pow or less in either that has less than 10 in either def or res can be OHKOed by an axe and/or dark colossus user. Armours can activate colossus against units with as much as 40 hp and 20 pow if they use a twin weapon although they won't be OHKOing anymore at that point.

I haven't looked at promo yet, but even if it's better in promo colossus is still way too strong compared to impale and completely broken in unpromo.

lvl 1
Against a heaven knight
Cololossus attacks! [Item: Bronze Axe; Skill: Colossus; ATK: 18; HIT: 88.5; CRIT: 0]:
Random Numbers: Hit - 53.4; Crit - 31.5
Cololossus's Colossus skill activated!
It's a hit! Martyr takes 18 damage. (0/18 HP)

Martyr is defeated!

level 2
Against a mystic
Cololossus attacks! [Item: Iron Axe; Skill: Colossus; ATK: 21; HIT: 94.5; CRIT: 0]:
Random Numbers: Hit - 71.3; Crit - 70.6
Cololossus's Colossus skill activated!
It's a hit! Zix takes 21 damage. (0/21 HP)

Zix is defeated!

Against a lancer
Cololossus attacks! [Item: Iron Axe; Skill: Colossus; ATK: 19; HIT: 100; CRIT: 0]:
Random Numbers: Hit - 68.6; Crit - 25.6
Cololossus's Colossus skill activated!
It's a hit! Shinda takes 19 damage. (0/26 HP)

Shinda is defeated!

Level 3
Mercenary on a forest
Cololossus attacks! [Item: Iron Lance; Skill: Colossus; ATK: 18; HIT: 90.25; CRIT: 0]:
Random Numbers: Hit - 56; Crit - 65.1
Cololossus's Colossus skill activated!
It's a hit! Edwin takes 18 damage. (0/18 HP)

Edwin is defeated!