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Tourny mixing rentals and non-rentals - Speedchain - 11-18-2015

When you create rentals and pick some of your own units for a tournament you can get more than 8 units.

I made 4 rentals and ended up with 11 units. M made 2 rentals and was able to pick 9 units.

I decided to do some testing and here are some things that I found:

The only rental that feto seems to count is the first one you make. This can be a lord or any rental you make after picking one of your own lords.

After you create your first rental you can keep making rentals until you have 7 units without it decreasing the amount of units you can pick. If the 8th unit you pick is a rental then you can't pick any units after that, but if the 8th unit is not a rental you can pick an extra unit for every rental you made after the first one.

You can not make new rentals after you've picked 8 units.

I ended up with 14 units http://imgur.com/WuZdbaA

I think people were already aware of this bug, but I don't know how well you knew it worked and I decided to post it here now that people are actually working on feto again.

I hope this is helpful.

RE: Tourny mixing rentals and non-rentals - Fredmir - 11-18-2015

Yeah, it was known, Kaishin and I did it last time (I resetted afterward), there should still be a thread on oldfeplanet, cause you can have infinite units actually, at some point while making rentals and adding your own, you can skip the 0 on the counter and have it go negative, until you add your own 8th unit it does the -1 on this counter. I think it's just a matter of synchronizing both counters.

Edit : here's the thread on oldforum, it even has the 'how to' steps all listed up.


I could still post the image I had (yeah I was the accomplice)

RE: Tourny mixing rentals and non-rentals - Nolan Kryptonite - 11-18-2015

7 rented knights ???