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Skins are broken. - Falaflame - 10-12-2015

The default skin is missing a banner.
And, I can't even change to the other 2 skins. Like, I go to the Edit Options in User CP, and try to change skins, and it literally does nothing.

Something must be wrong.

RE: Skins are broken. - Jack - 10-12-2015

I legitimately didn't even know we had skin options.

RE: Skins are broken. - A Working Man - 10-13-2015

Dang, I just got here and the skins don't work?! ( I had no idea there was skins either.)

RE: Skins are broken. - Toogee - 10-13-2015

It is the death rattle.

Well, so what if we're blue and white? It's what's on the inside that counts Wink.

RE: Skins are broken. - Speedy - IX - 10-14-2015

They've actually been missing/broken for quite some time, probably about a year. I guess I really was the first to notice.

RE: Skins are broken. - WyvernSlayer - 10-14-2015

Nevermind the fact that the current skins are broke - let me know when we get the sick Black Knight skin back. I had that on the old site for so long that it instantly gives me the warm fuzzies.