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Dirty Bomb (Open Beta) - Deliver the bloody objective! - Pura - 09-17-2015

Rater AN for absolutely nobody
*Krappy Enklizh

At first when I took a really really quick look at the game but really soon later when I checked again, I realized that it was developed by Splash Damage, dev studio behind Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory which is a game I loved so I had to try it out.... +it's free so why the hell not.
So yeah, it's definitely a Splash Damage game. A fast-paced objective based first person shoottery shooty shoot which sets in post-apocalyptic London... Oh goodie! Oh goodie! Me likey Mickey Mousey!

Like I mentioned before, the game was objective based, actually multi-objective would be more accurate, which means that K/D doesn't matter that much (which why 90% of Snipers are shit even tho their K/D is good) and you have to complete objectives in order to win, or stop the enemy doing them.
Every time attackers complete a primary objective, their spawn moves forward and defenders' backwards, to fight over the next objective. So basically Call of Dutiers can start learning to push harder than a woman giving a birth when attacking or pretend you're tiger mother when defending.
[Image: tumblr_npfojfIcdF1tpc9yro1_540.gif]

Another thing CoD player can start learning is to not aim down on sights in close and medium range because enemy's moving fast, trying to dodge your bullets while shooting at you and might even quickly spring out of your sight and open fire again... + you move slower when aiming, obviously, so you'll basically become a sitting duck. However, you can use iron sights for a split second to set your aim to the head level.
When you're in combat and "kill" the enemy player, (s)he can be helped up by his/her teammate so you want to finish them off before that happens. Melee finishes downed players off with one hit while shooting them require good amount of shots so if you can, use melee or try shooting the head.
Third thing would be abilities. IF YOU CAN THROW AMMO BOXES OR HEALTH PACKS, PLEASE DO SO! ..ffs.

The last thing worth of nothing that comes into my mind would be wall jumping which is a thing which can be used in the firefight (minimal penalty for shooting while jumping and stuff) and do some more or less impressive trickjumping to either flank the enemy, sneak past the enemy, just get past some obstacles instead of going around or get on places where the enemy don't expect you to go.

There are currently 16 different mercs which all differ from each other in few different ways with variety of different abilities from Objective Specialist, which allows the merc to do objectives faster than others, to Proxy Mine, Turret, Minigun and Artillery.
One thing to note that mercs like champions/ Gods/ whatever in MOBAs which means multiple mercs per class/ role with some differences like for example Sparks is a medic who's fast with low HP, equipped with revive gun (well, actually machine pistol but revive gun is the way to go most of the time) which can revive teammates and snipe enemies from a distance and a small health packs while Sawbonez is slower but has more health and equipped SMGs, uses a defibrillator for reviving which requires you to get close to the downed teammate and large health packs and Phoenix is somewhere between in terms of HP and speed, equipped with SMGs, used a defib as well but has a healing pulse which heals himself and his teammates around him and like the name suggests, he can revive himself.

However, there doesn't seem to be a whole lot of focus on roles and what I mean with that is even a medic can go berserk and just mow down the entire enemy team because the lack of weapon variety so majority of the mercs share the same weapons except only 2 mercs can use sniper rifles and only Phantom can equip a katana for example.
Not really that big of a deal but it can encourage some medics to just kill enemies and heal themselves instead of being with the team when they need a medic.

Players start with only 2 mercs (medic and support merc) out of 16 mercs which kinda blows but there's a rotation of 3 purchasable mercs which change every two weeks and this far there has been always an engineer in the rotation and you can also buy mercs with credits (in-game currency, there's no premium currency) so you don't necessarily have to use real money and you definitely don't have to buy all of them.

Also, progression only rewards players with money (only couple levels in the beginning) and cases but you get normal cases anyways every couple match you complete so it doesn't matter. Level seems to be only indicate how much a person have played and potentially his/her skills.
So basically you won't be ganked by douchebags just because they're 10+ level higher than you and got access to that lvl bzillion weapon or they bought OP weapons with real money. You'll get ganked by douchebags because they're better than you.

There are also multiple different weapons and perks but the way those works is rather... "interesting". Usually you could customize what weapons and perks you would like to use but in this game... NOPE! You have loadout cards with perks (except default loadout cards. Lead = 1 perk, Iron = 2 perks and Bronze and above = 3 perks (Silver, Gold and Cobalt cards only have a different skin so you won't get any benefit from having those)) primary, secondary and melee weapon attached to the card and you can't edit your cards. You can create next tier card from lower tier cards and small amount of credits.
You can obtain loadout cards from cases which do not require a key to open, you get a free case every few matches you play and buy them for 1k credits, buy expert and elite cases with real money, buy bronze cards individually or a bundle (loadout bundles are not really worth of real money or credits since usually only 2-3 cards per merc are good/okay) with credits or real money (obvs it'll take some time before you would be able to buy everything).
There's a missions which give you a good amount of credits but they don't reset daily and you can remove a mission if you want a different one on next refill, which will happen every 3 hours.

So yeah, it's a pretty damn good game if fast-phased is your sort of thing even tho monetization is a little bit weird and it took a second to comprehend since it's not something you see everyday.
However, the game isn't optimized the best way possible so if the game runs like ass (or you just simply want more frames) and you're experiencing sound lag/distortion, I found documents for tweaking the .ini file which will make the game look more or less worse or even kinda shite but they'll make the game run better and at least for me, the one I use got rid of the sound distortion.


http://pastebin.com/mvskxess ("This is the lowest you can possibly go with the new patch. Just change resx,y to your resolution")

Steam link - http://store.steampowered.com/app/333930

RE: Dirty Bomb (Open Beta) - Deliver the bloody objective! - Lavi - 10-05-2015

So basically BRINK 2.0. I eye all preorders with suspicion now because of BRINK.

RE: Dirty Bomb (Open Beta) - Deliver the bloody objective! - Jack - 10-05-2015

(10-05-2015, 09:17 AM)Lavi Wrote: So basically BRINK 2.0. I eye all preorders with suspicion now because of BRINK.

I never preorder a game unless I know for a fact I will love the finished project and I'm not particularly worried about bugs. I preordered Awakening, and I preordered Alpha Sapphire. I think the last game I preordered before that was Brawl. I have so many games on my list of shit to play that I don't need it now. I can wait until I see the finished project.

RE: Dirty Bomb (Open Beta) - Deliver the bloody objective! - Pura - 10-08-2015

I would say it's more like "another Splash Damage game" than Brink 2.0 (even Brink was "another Splash Damage game" as well but there you go) and it's F2P so there's not any pre-order nonsense going on.

Personally I don't remember pre-ordering any game. I was going to pre-order Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate but I felt so filthy that I had to cancel it and go buy it when it came out, which I regretted because all the stores I went through didn't have it...