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RE: Shameless Selfies! - WyvernSlayer - 07-09-2014

And next up in the User Pictures thread, we have an exquisite piece called "Things WyvernSlayer Would Always Rather Be Doing Right Now"

[Image: image-1.jpg]

RE: Shameless Selfies! - Zanryu - 11-20-2015

Well aware of this being an age old thread, but I felt the urge to post; not a picture of myself, but she's got parts of me in there somewhere!

[Image: 27wtzsg.jpg]

Emma Rose, born October 13th, 2015. Was three weeks old in this photo, weighed 8.5lbs that day. :'D

RE: Shameless Selfies! - A Working Man - 11-22-2015

Awww. Nice pic, kids look so innocent at that age.

RE: Shameless Selfies! - Zanryu - 11-24-2015

Right? In less than a year she's gonna be trying to find out how to reach my game shelves and toss all my cases across the living room... Sad

RE: Shameless Selfies! - Nolan Kryptonite - 11-30-2015