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Lantis Reed - [v] - 06-03-2014

Name: Lantis Reed
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Nation/Allegiance: Bern / Neo Black Fang


Lantis is a man of average height, 178 cm or 5'10" to be specific, with lengthy paled blonde hair, tied at the back with a hair ring. He possesses a stern face and a pair of reddish brown eyes, plus a small cut scar over the left eyebrow. He has a tribal tattoo of the clan at the back of his right hand.

He prefers darker clothing than the bright due to its usefulness in night operation. He is usually seen in a black adventure suit, with a mantle of similar color if it is outdoor. He always pockets a metal crest of his clan and a dragon whistle that allows him to call his wyvern ‘Lokia’. Lantis’s weapons are twin edges, a set of a short sword and a shorter sword. The longer one is hung at his sash, either left or right, while the other was hidden in his cloak for a quick draw purpose.

Lantis is known to be a solitary type of person who is up to something all the time. However, he warms up quite fast even with strangers if he finds them to be allies, or unharmed, and will be even more friend if it is someone he trusts. He also like to read historical books or tomes, as well as raiding old ruins or tombs.


Lantis Reed was not even the real ‘Reed’ as the founder of Black Fang. However, his grandfather, one of the loyal youngsters in the original Black Fang, was the one who claimed the name in order to unite the scattered fangs after the war ended, and took this secret to the grave as well.

During the several decades, Black Fang had been struggling to regain its good reputation, that was severely wounded by the wicked sage and his morphs. They slowly recovered and officially re-emerged years after the era of the young redhead hero. At the time, they claimed themselves as ‘Neo Black Fang’. The new fangs had been in co-operation with the new Bern’s empire to rebuild the country, they kept the southern region safe from banditry for the most part and slowly gain trust in the local area. They did both mercenary business as well as a headhunter to get rid of cancers for the empire.

However, the clan was still far from the original Black Fang when it was at the peak in term of manpower or reputation.

Lantis was destined to be the leader of the seventh generation, only that his father was still healthily alive. He had been trained in martial arts and swordplay since he was young. Assassination was later introduced when he was more trusted by the party, he showed flawless skill in this that he join almost every night hunt he could. What Lantis acquired by his own skill was his little dark magic tricks, of which he secretly learned it from an old tome from an abandoned chamber.

With the news of Lycian conflict came to his ear, Lantis was assigned to go spy over there, in order to seek for a chance to make name. he was allowed to take a trained wyvern to make his trip more comfortable. With that, he set out of the base and headed west. After some investigation, Lantis suspected this might be his opportunity to return Lycia a favor, as they seemed to be the corrupted one this time.