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New RP is live! - WyvernSlayer - 05-31-2014

I am pleased to announce that the FEP Roleplay Moderation team has officially released the first site-run RP of the new forums!

Fire Emblem: Insurrection

Ever play through FE6 and FE7 and think to yourself, "What if the roles were reversed? What if Lycia became a powerful, tyrant-run nation, and it was Bern that shone as the source of humanity's last hope?" Well, in this scenario, set on the continent of Elibe one hundred years after the events of FE6 (the one with Roy and co., in case anyone hasn't played it yet), you will get to explore a world where this "what if" becomes "what is."

Dark clouds persist over Lycian skies. The governing bodies have been subdued by a powerful Emperor. People throughout Lycia live in fear and are rife with suspicion.

Etruria is in ruins. Lycia's hostile takeover has scattered many of its magic practitioners, and Lycia's ban on Dark and Anima magic means defiance is not tolerated.

Bern's new king is powerless to intervene, after many years of isolation in the wake of events prior. Refugees from Etruria are welcomed, and many believe that the most likely origin of a resistance to the Emperor's rule will be here.

Please send your questions and concerns to my helpdesk. Other than that, feel free to submit your character profiles, gather up a few for an RP, and enjoy!

RE: New RP is live! - sirocyl - 06-01-2014

Mod note: I've moved it into Announcements, with a link from the RP Discussion area.

Here's to a great and well-run RP! Smile

RE: New RP is live! - Falaflame - 06-01-2014

Lol. Sorry about that Wyvey, I fell asleep, and when I woke back up I completely forgot to check your messages. xD