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Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon Soundfont? - IkaMusumeYiyaRoxie - 04-16-2019

Well, still no one has not welcomed me yet on this comunnity, but, I want a Fire Emblem Soundfont.

I started since sunday creating the soundfont in Viena, but, It's so much hard to create, because, I'm so confused what I do create a loop point for any sample?

Any questions for this soundfont?

Anyone who wants to help me?

RE: Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon Soundfont? - Alusq - 04-16-2019

This forum is pretty dead; you might want to join the Discord server if you want to have conversations. I don't have a lot of experience with Viena, but I do have a lot of experience with managing audio samples because music and sound is the closest thing I have to a specialty. To find the loop points for the samples, I would dump them from the FE11 rom using VGMTrans and open them in OpenMPT (or any other program that can edit .wav files), which lets me quickly view/edit frequencies, loop points, and other details.

However, this isn't an efficient way to go about doing things if what you want is a comprehensive soundfont that includes all instruments in the game. Given how many samples the DS FE games tend to have (one common bank and several banks for different groups of songs, often with instruments each having multiple samples mapped to different notes for the sake of better audio fidelity), you'd have to dump/sort/assign hundreds of audio files, and I wouldn't wish that on anyone. Your best bet would probably be to right-click each song in VGMTrans and use the "save as SoundFont2" option, which will give you a bunch of soundfont files that each have only several slots occupied by the instruments used in the file's respective song. I assume Viena can be used to open all of these files and merge them together into one comprehensive soundfont.

Since I have no substantial experience with putting together soundfonts, this is unfortunately all the advice I have to give. Good luck (also, welcome)!