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Azel Terrafio - Magatsu - 04-14-2018

Name: Azel Terrafio
Age: 27
Gender: Male.
Nation/Allegiance: Born in Bern and loyal to it, as well as aspiring to be a Wyvern General.
Appearance/Description: Cold towards any who would oppose Bern, but quite considerate otherwise. He takes his aspiration seriously, knowing the dangers and being fully able to accept whatever might happen to him. His wyvern is like family to him, though for a reason he wouldn't often share due to bad memories. Stands at 5'10 and sports a lightly toned figure, despite not being much of a physical combatant.
Bio/Backstory: Azel started out within a rather decent family, his mother simply being a citizen of Bern while his father was a wandering mage who had settled down for a while. They had left not too long after birth, and were in and out of Azel's life on many occasions. Soon Azel began to see an interest in magic around the age of 14, though this was mainly because he wanted to be somewhat like his father in terms of skill. Not more than a year afterwards his father came around for the last time, gravely injured but lending Azel a book of knowledge before he died. His mother left soon afterwards, leaving Azel to his own devices as he studied magic before wandering out two years later. He'd been wandering for a few long days of walking and getting little sleep before he had crossed paths with a young wyvern that had been injured. He began to care for it on the spot, feeding and taking care of it before he began to ride them after several years of training. Afterwards he returned to Bern, trying to enlist into their army with his wyvern and make his way up. Of course, it leads up to the current day and age where he's still trying to get some height on the ranks in Bern's army, wielding dark magic and flying on a wyvern.