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Full Version: The Three Wyverns Tavern
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While Tania wasn't quite the hub for trade as Badon, the city was bustling with activity. This sort of frantic wartime preparation left a spirit of uneasiness over the populace, a restlessness and suspiciousness that could be felt from the crowd at the Three Wyverns Tavern. Roland sat on his own at a table near the bar, the server having just dropped off a bowl of stew and a hearty, overflowing tankard.  

It was a well-lit place, clean and homey, always cool in the afternoons and warm in the evenings. As the sun began to set, the warm orange light filled the room. The staff began to light the candles, and the fire was poked, prodded, and beginning to roar. Although people in the streets seemed on edge, the hospitality shown by those within the Three Wyverns was unparalleled. Unfortunately, so were the prices. Roland had guessed that the meals would be expensive, but he was willing to fork over the extra coin in order to feel at ease. He sighed loudly before digging into his meal, eyeing the room for anyone looking out of place. 

He himself stuck out like a sore thumb; his red armor was a shade not usually seen around these parts. The sword leaned against his chair was equally conspicuous. Roland could feel those around him tense up as they passed by, and it seemed like most were actively ignoring him. Still, he sat and ate and drank, wary of those who could turn at any moment.
Tania was an interesting city with a interesting history to it. It was one of the first marches to fall to Bern over a century ago, due to it's proximity to the once warmongering country. It served as a gateway out of Lycia to Bern and was a vital territory to hold due to it being a close ride to Pharae, Caelin, Santaruz, and Khathalet. Lennox knew that much, at least, about city as his cousin and himself entered. The pair had been evading Lycian relic hunters throughout their journey. They intended on paying their young cousin Maria a visit in Bern, where she has taken refuge since the Etrurian annexation. "It's getting dark, Len." Standing at a couple heads shorter than Lennox, his cousin Carla had been keeping tabs on him to keep him in check. He'd prefer traveling alone, but Carla never gave him that option.

"There should be a tavern around here. My father apparently frequented it in his youth," Lennox replied, as they walked along. "The Three Wyverns Tavern, if I recall. He had a map back in Ostia of some inns and taverns he liked." What Lennox neglected to tell his cousin was the fact that the list was actually of places he was banned from. Hopefully, they don't think I'm him when we get there. He thought to himself. He saw the sign outside the tavern and the two entered, with the larger Lennox holding the door for his smaller cousin.

Carla stepped in first, in her white shirt with purple collar, purple skirt, and purple knee high boots. If gratuitous amounts of purple wasn't conspicuous enough, there was the also the Sacaen curved blade sheathed on her waist. Then came in the over six-foot tall Lennox. His brown shirt and black pants were plain enough, but the large purple cloak, the long sword at his waist, and the great sword with a very enticing white hilt on his back. Carla felt the eyes upon them immediately, but Lennox ignored them. He picked out a table near some red-armored knight and led the pair to it. He took his greatsword Dyrnwyn off his back, followed by him removing his cloak. He then wrapped up the sword and leaned it against his seat as he sat down. Carla sat down at the seat across from him, her sword still at her waist. "Nice place. Very cozy," Lennox chimed in. "I don't recall seeing a nicer place back in Ostia."

"You were just a kid, Len. I don't think they would have served you back then."

"I don't think they'd serve you if I wasn't here," He joked, both annoying and complementing Carla at the same time.

She just glared at him from across the table. "Are you saying I look really young or are you saying I'm really short?" Lennox laughed the question away. She grabbed a nearby menu and began to peruse it. "This looks pretty pricey. You're paying tonight for that comment."

Lennox nodded in response as he looked at his own menu. A waitress came over and took their order. It was pricey, just like Carla said. But they haven't had a good meal in a while, so the expense was worth it. He noticed how on edge everyone passing them was. In fact, he noticed them reacting to the guy next to them too. Lennox leaned over in his direction. "What's got everyone on edge? We've been traveling the backroads for a while now, so we've been out of the loop."
Satsume kept a tight grip on his knapsack as he strolled through the Tanian city.  The backdrop was largely the same as most of the other Lycian settlements – he spent a lot of his time keeping to himself, trying to keep a low profile.  But, as Satsume had learned after spending the previous couple weeks in Pherae…
It’s pretty hard to keep people from staring at a man in heavy armor.
Satsume looked down at one of his bracers as he walked.  The polished grey plates were rife with scuffs and patchwork.  The armor had carried him away from dozens of fights in much better shape than his skill would indicate.  But there was also a sort of stigma associated with looking like one of Ostia’s vanguard – if you could call it that.  Satsume drew the eyes of many a citizen in Lycia.  Most of them were probably just idle curiosity, but others… there was fear.
And this is why my family moved to Bern, he thought.  He kicked half-heartedly at a rock in the street and watched it sail into the side of a building.
Satsume looked up at the sign.  It read, “Three Wyverns,” and the stenciled text was flanked by some green, vaguely serpentine designs.  Satsume peered into the window and saw tables with lit candles.  A tavern, huh?  …Well, I am getting hungry.  And some mead would do be good.  Satsume opened one of the double doors and stepped inside.
There was a low hum about the place – though it was getting late in the day, it didn’t seem incredibly busy.  Satsume nodded to himself and sauntered past a few of the occupied tables.  As he searched for a vacant spot, he noticed one man in particular, sitting near the bar.  He was blond-haired, armor-clad, and seemed to be looking anxiously around the tavern as he ate.  Near him was a couple whose purple attire seemed like a magnet for wandering eyes.  Satsume’s own eyes lingered on them for a moment before finally being drawn to an empty table to the right of the armored man.
Good enough for me, Satsume thought, silently rejoicing.  Now he wouldn’t be the only one people kept staring at.  He pulled out one of the chairs and sat down, setting his knapsack down beside it.
Within moments, a mildly attractive waitress appeared.  “Get you anything, sir?” she chirped.
“Whatever’s on tap,” said Satsume.  “And some lamb, if you’ve got it.”
“Of course!” The waitress wandered off.  Satsume shifted his weight around on the chair, pushing the collapsed spear hung at his belt off to the side.  It dangled and smacked the side rather loudly, eliciting a few harried glances in his direction.  Satsume tried to avoid eye contact with anyone as the young waitress whisked by and set a foamy stein on the table.  He peeked over at the table next to him as he took a large gulp.  The blond knight had his back to him now – apparently the purple couple had struck up a conversation.
Better you than me, thought Satsume.  A moment later, a steaming plate of lamb cutlet and potatoes was placed in front of him.  Still though – these people were perhaps the most interesting ones in the tavern, and Satsume decided to keep half an eye on them as he dug into his meal.
Roland looked up from his plate as three more interesting characters streamed into the room, looking almost more out of place than he was. The purple-clad pair was interesting enough; fabric that color wasn't something so easily acquired, and the sheer amount of purple that the woman was wearing was off-putting. The man was a large and imposing figure, and the wicked looking Sacaean sword at the woman's side didn't seem like it would be wise to pick a fight with either of them.

Then, another red-haired man walked in, clad in enough armor for two or three cavalrymen. He quickly sat next to Roland. Once again, another one to not pick a fight with. Roland began examining the man's armor for the cracks and gaps in the plates. Only in case of emergency, really. At least that's what he told himself. It seemed everyone in the tavern today was taller than he was, but he wouldn't shy away from a fight.

He warily continued his food and had just began to take a sip of ale when the table next to him struck up a conversation.

"I'm not sure, really," he said plainly, putting his tankard down and resting deeper into his seat, "I'm just passing through. Looks like everyone's just wary, as usual. Could be worried about the bandit attacks in Pherae."

Roland immediately took note of the greatsword at the man's table. It was not a cheap-looking weapon. He was absolutely sure he was talking to a pair of nobles; there was no other explanation for all that purple. He picked up his tankard again and gesticulated with it.

"Most likely not something you two should be worried about."
The pair looked at each other when they heard mention of bandit attacks in Pherae. "Do you think he's involved in any way?" Carla had asked. She was referring to their other cousin, Shad. Last they knew, he was also bound for Bern. He planned on passing through Pherae, as they were likely the most tolerant march in Lycia.

"Knowing Shad? Yeah, definitely. Trouble finds us more often than we find trouble," Lennox replied. He looked and saw an armored knight with red hair had arrived and sat on the opposite side of their red armored friend. He looked tough and something on his waist made a sound. He leaned back in his chair, balancing on the back legs to try to get a good look, to no avail. He grabbed his ale and took a sip of it, grimacing a bit. Carla chuckled a bit at his reaction. He glared at here as he put the drink back down. "Those last few guys were persistent in chasing us down."

Carla took a bite of her food as she considered her reply. "That's what happens when you're paid to collect something. They probably can't afford to not chase us," She answered her eye peering at Dyrnwyn. "They must not have been informed about the warning we gave their friends, otherwise they probably wouldn't be hunting down with such fervor." She speculated. Lennox thought about it and nodded. They warned the previous group about how 'selective' Dyrnwyn was with it's wielders, especially the mortality rate of those who grabbed the blade. So that must have been the case.

"Well, we are in the clear now, so let's enjoy it," Lennox suggested as he grabbed a large chicken leg and took a bite out of it. Wow. This was worth the price. He thought as he savored the taste. Better than anything Carla and I could make on the road, that's for sure.