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Full Version: Requests to unlock dead characters
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List here your units that are "dead"; i.e., locked into a nonexistent, deleted, cancelled or invalid battle due to a glitch or disconnection.

- Squads formed of "dead" units, if you've prepared one
- Lists of characters otherwise

Do not list:
- Units that are in an actual battle that you want to cancel.
Please, cancel the battle first. If your unit is still showing as locked, /then/ we will make the change.
Deleting a unit from an existing battle will rain apocalypse from the heavens, cancel the battle prematurely, and get you a fine of several thousand gold.

While a request is being processed (Sirocyl will PM you), We ask that you do nothing with the character(s) until it is responded that the job is done.

Sirocyl will also make a post here and lock the thread while he processes, then delete your replies and unlock the thread once he's done processing, to keep the engine running smoothly.

Sirocyl hopes to process requests nightly at about midnight or later, if possible, but don't hold him to it.

If you have dead units, put them into a squad named "Locked" or "Dead", and bump this thread, and I will scope them out for you automatically.
I will try to do this automatically (only to Locked, not Dead) as well, so please do not name a squad "Locked" for anything but battle-locked characters.

Also, I will need your FETO ID, since it's tied to the old DB.
(You can link your user page, though, and I can get it from there.)
I've got some units stuck in an old battle I've already lost.
Post your FETO ID, and link to the battle in question, and as well, link to the squad your units are locked in.
Make sure to name the squad "Locked" or "Dead".


I can't find them in the item management section and I can't deploy them in a battle.
Okay, I think I fixed it. Check to see if they are free and let us know if there are any more issues. Smile
I can see them again in the item management section, so I'm going to assume that you fixed it, thanks!

Edit: I can deploy them again, everything is fixed.
Not a problem! Haven't had to do it in a while so I wanted to make sure I got it correct!
I don't know how you can ready a battle and not be readied but whatever, unlock please.
Let's see if that took care of things :O
The units I entered in my last battle barring my Lord character haven't returned to the out of battle list:
Madoka: Footman  http://feto.feplanet.net/character/view/116996

Zeren: Gladiator  http://feto.feplanet.net/character/view/117000

Yurikai: Wyvern Fighter http://feto.feplanet.net/character/view/117001

Battle they were in