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Full Version: What Music Are You Currently Listening To?
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I've recently started listening to Mac Demarco. Don't fully know why, but I dig it. Here's the live version of my favorite of his songs, I like it better than the studio version

Newer Super Mario Bros Wii - Desert Theme

Had it stuck in my head all day.
zYnthetic - Abandon All
This has been stuck in my head for God knows how long X.x IT WILL NEVER LEAVE!!! Dx (hearing it least ~2 times a day doesn't really help tho)
I have just discovered Nord Mead.

Next I'll listen to Sovngarde Song.

You Died is another favorite.
Currently obsessed with this album.

It really is a shame DeLucia died, I'e just recently started to listen to more flamenco guitar. I work with two brothers who are apparently John McLaughlin's nephews, so that's awesome. I'd love to be introduced *hopeful*
Newer Super Mario Bros Wii OST - Castle Theme

Such good compositions... I'd love Nintendo to hire these guys, if not at least as music assistants. D:
Reseed (from CROSSxBEATS)

Not a fan of the game but it has some fantastic music.
Pokemon X and Y - Battle! Team Flare Grunt

One of the most amazing themes I've ever heard from a pokemon game, really.
"First Snow", by Emancipator.

Apparently I like trip-hop. I surprise even myself sometimes.
Only discovered her recently, now I have a huge girl crush on her <3

Muse - Hyper Music

Every time I get in my car to drive to class Madness is playing, so it put me in a Muse mood. But I'm getting sick of hearing only Madness and wanted some of the good old school stuff.

Ringabel's theme
(03-07-2014, 04:34 AM)Smash Bro Wrote: [ -> ]Ringabel's theme

Tiz > Ringabel > Agnes > Edea

In terms of my preference :P

have you heard the final battle theme?

Considering transcoding it to SPC-compatible format, to toss in a SMW romhack I may or may not be working on.
Yoshi's Island OST - Big Boss Theme

This song is soooo catchy. D:

Dat orchestra.
Because I'm 24 now (and therefore in my mind completely ancient), I've been re-listening to a lot of the stuff that characterised my teenage years. Got stuck on Brand New, they're just fab.

Re-listening to Songs for the Deaf because it's an incredible album. Currently at this point;

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