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Full Version: New Skins and Graphic Artists for FEP
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After the forum upgrade, we have now been cleared to have artwork done for new skins and such for FEP. We're definitely in need of a more Fire Emblem aesthetic, and now we just have to come up with the style and etc I guess. In short, if you are looking to volunteer as a graphic artist for FEP, please post here, heck even a few examples of your work would be nice.

I may even make a few myself xP

[Image: 2uo18yg.jpg]

This one goes well with the test theme that I am currently using (which as of after this post will be viewable by all users if you really want that aesthetic now), but the plan is to wait to use Fates/If Chars until the game has been released everywhere (or at least here). So for now, we could definitely use some Awakening Chars; Chrom for sure, Lucy, Robin etc, as well as some older chars.

EDIT: also make way for user group images!
Now we just need a user group image for moderators and the sprite team I think lol
And after that more themes!! *__*

Edit: I like it. xD
I like it!

It's Gregor time!