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Full Version: Ellie "Eli" Vael
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Name: Ellie "Eli" Vael
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Nation/Allegiance: Born in Bern, allied with Etruria.
Appearance/Description: Ellie is a relatively short young woman, standing just five feet and four inches tall; she is by no definition of the word beautiful, but her youthful glow and babyish features lend to her undeniable cuteness. Looking easily three years younger than she is, her once large, pale brown eyes have turned colder and stern - they still shimmer by twilight, but provide a natural mask to her intentions and emotions - never showing more than she wishes to show.

To compliment her pale brown eyes, Ellie keeps her auburn hair relatively short and clean, but never glamorous. Her voice is small, but neither masculine nor overtly feminine, mostly resembling that of a pubescent child.

Ellie is thin, but muscular; the strong draw of her bowstring and her steady hand attest to her talent as an archer and a hunter. Everything about her is rather subtle, from her bosom straight to her toes, which solidifies her youthful appearance and outward androgyny. While she does her best to hide herself in plain sight, being a fair judge of character allows her to open up when it is necessary.

Her outward youthfulness and androgyny, combined with her ability to disguise her innermost feelings, lend to her persona as the young "Eli Vael", a boy of fifteen years and a hunting prodigy.

Ellie prefers to keep her attire just as subtle as her appearance; she wears a simple grey tunic atop beige pants, with black, knee-high leather boots, tied with champagne coloured laces. She protects herself with a brown leather gauntlet on her right forearm, her ring finger and pinky left bare from the knuckle to the fingertip. Furthermore, she wears a brown leather pauldron on her left shoulder, strapped to the underside of her right arm and over the right shoulder, which is where she attaches her quiver.

Ellie oftentimes wears a cloak when the weather is less than desirable. The cloak is thick and beige, with a hood and a fair amount of wear along the bottom. If Ellie wears her cloak with clear skies, she tends to leave it draped mostly over her right shoulder, leaving her bow arm exposed. She has a sort of holster in which she can attach her cloak when she isn't wearing it and buckle it to the back of her belt for ease of transportation.

Under her facade, Ellie is a genuinely good person - she detests bigotry and is a firm believer in protecting those weaker than herself, or who cannot otherwise protect themselves. Despite her harsh teenage years, Ellie still smiles, she still sees the beauty in life; pretending to be Eli Vael helped heal her wounds and blur the bad memories, giving her a new purpose. Even in her willingness to kill those who oppose Etruria or oppress the victims of Lycia, Ellie still feels sorrow and regret for the lives she takes, but buries it with her past.

Bio/Backstory: Growing up in Bern, Ellie was always the treasured child in the family; a sister to her two elder brothers. Her mother, a nurse, did her best to provide her children with the life she felt they deserved; however, Ellie's father, a stonemason, wished instead they had had another boy.

Spending so much time with her brothers, Ellie learned archery and swordplay, she learned the proper way to wield a dagger and how to hunt; a skill she would find most useful in the years to come.

When Ellie was 12, her mother fell ill from her work; she passed in a fortnight, leaving behind her two boys and her sweet, cherished Ellie. The resulting whirlwind of turmoil for the family came in the form of drink from then on; their father drank himself into the void, losing first his job, and then their home.

The family found themselves soon living in the slums of Bern's capital, the siblings forced to fend for themselves to feed one another, and to accommodate their father's habits. In the years to come, Ellie found herself alone; her eldest brother escaped the slums and joined the army of Bern, whereas the other was not as fortunate, being captured and hanged for theft. By the age of 15, Ellie was used to blending into the crowd, and spent as much of her time as possible in the forests, hunting to survive.

Until a month prior to Day Zero, Ellie's father never failed to admonish her for being a woman, he made a point to treat her as if she were a boy, never letting her forget that he would do away with her were it not for the coin she brought home selling her kills; but even that changed one day.

On that fateful day, Ellie's father stumbled in late one night, and found her with a boy, clothes strewn across the floor. In that same instant, he sent the boy from his home and tossed his naked daughter into the streets. She eventually found shelter, but her life was turned upside down the very next day. Upon returning home, she was greeted by a man; a business man, he said. Stating he dealt in the affairs of "human nature", he said he had purchased the right to take Ellie away so she could work for him, earning a fair living. In her excitement, Ellie failed to realize what that meant.

Ellie later found herself at her place of employ, her heart all aflutter at the chance to start over. Upon entry, she first realized her naivety; a whore house, no more than a scuzzy shack standing three floors tall. She was told that her youthful appearance would attract all manner of new clientele once word got out. On the night Lycia first invaded Etruria, Ellie made her daring escape into the night; she had already experienced all the horrors she could possibly stand, it was time for her to change her fate for the better.

Making her way into Lycia, in hopes of joining a rebellion and lending her bow to the innocents of Etruria, Ellie became what her father had always wanted; a boy named Eli, a prodigious hunter selling game in his travels until he had finally found someone she could protect.

Additional Info/Comments:
- Given her time as a whore, Ellie is uninterested in men;
- Ellie is ambidextrous, but prefers her left as her bow arm;
- Ellie carries two daggers towards the right of her belt, one to allow for a quick draw if the need were to arise, and the other in the event there is no room for her to effectively use her bow.