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Full Version: Worth of an Assassin
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Ambrose was scouting ahead for his traveling group. It was the middle of the afternoon, and he was following a lesser known country road. He was enjoying the chance for silence, just listening to the air and the animals around him. Yet, nothing will ever last. He came upon a campfire, from which a thin trail of smoke was rising.

Two people sat next to the fire, a man and a woman. One was peculiar looking with a massive weapon, and the other had the look of a spy. "Hello?" he called, wary as to who they were.
"Len, don't you think we should be moving? We don't know if they are following us."

Lennox turned his head to his companion. Carla was only a few years older than him, but her height and youthfulness made him seem the senior of the two. He turned his head back to the fire, staring deeply into it. Flashes of people came to mind in the flames. All of them victims of his blade. He resisted the urge to gag at the memories, not yet fully dulled to the sight. "I'll just offer them the blade if they return. If that doesn't do the trick, we use the old tried and true method of killing them."

Carla shook her head. How could Lennox be so nonchalant in this matter? A few weeks ago, the pair were accosted by some men who took great interest in Lennox' sword, Dyrnwyn. Lennox made the mistake of sparing them, and now they have been constantly on the move. The pair deduced that the men where seeking relics and Dyrnwyn has been added to that list. She also assumed they worked for the Emperor and that they may already have some relics in his collection. "Your reckless behavior will get us killed someday."

"I'm not dying any other way. A life of peace is not for me," the swordsman replied as he began to stand. Just then, he heard someone call out to them. He saw Carla backflip from her sitting position and draw her sword. Lennox got up to his feet and held her back from her approach. "I don't think they'd greet us." She relented and sheathed her sword as Lennox turned to the source of the voice. He released Dyrnwyn from a clasp it was attached to and planted the blade into the ground beside him. "Hail, traveler. Pleasant afternoon, isn't it?"
"...Yes. Quite," Ambrose was perplexed, his muscles tensed from the woman's reaction. Were they agents of the Emperor, come to kill him before he could become a thorn in his side? But the accent was off. These weren't the Emperor's henchmen, come to kill him. These were Etrurians. Slowly, he relaxed, his hand drawing away from clasping the hilt of his sword. "I was scouting ahead, for the companions I am traveling with. I wasn't expecting to find other fugitives from the empire."

Ambrose shook his head, sweeping back his hair. "Where are my manners. I'm Ambrose Locke," he said, taking slow, measured steps towards them, keeping his hands visible, and making no sudden movements.
Carla was still on edge, but Lennox only smirked at the 'fugitives' comment. He could hear it in his voice that he wasn't Lycian. Lennox removed his cloak and draped it over Dyrnwyn, revealing a longsword present at his waist. He also unclasped that from his belt, letting the sheathed sword fall to the ground. Under the cloak, Lennox revealed the simple tattered brown tunic he wore. "I'd say it's a small world, but the number of fugitives these days are on the rise."

Lennox took a few confident steps towards Ambrose and held out a hand. Carla was still suspicious, but knew that Lennox is surprisingly competent in hand-to-hand, so he could turn the tables pretty quickly at that range if needed. "I am Lennox Hyperion, the Fiery Wolf of Arretium. At least, that's what they called me. They gave that title to my father as well." He turned his head to his anxious companion. He motioned for her to approach a bit as well. "And this is my...second cousin once removed? I think that's the term?"

She then punched the taller man in the side as she approached. "Don't say it like that. Makes me sound so much older than I actually am. Carla. Carla Hyperion." She said in a huff, stepping away from the pair. She sat back down at the fire, keeping an eye out for Lennox.