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Full Version: FETO CLASS UPDATES!!!!!
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As it has been discussed with the FETO Dev Squad (Not the code one), the following changes have been made to the existing classes in FETO, they may not all appear in the Promotion Bonus page, but I assure you that they are there. As for the changes, they are:
  • Non-Staff wielding WTA2 Foot/Mage classes have been given +5hit/avd/critavd
  • All 5/5/5 classes have had their bonuses increased to -> 7hit/7avd/7crit
  • Hawks/Dracos have lost their 15avd bonus and have gained 15crit
  • Physical WTA2 Pegasi have gained the 15avd bonus
  • WTA2 Wyverns and Non-Staff wielding Horses have gained +5hit
  • Generals have lost - 2 con and have gained +5hit and 15crit avd
  • Bow Generals have gained +5hit and 15crit avd
  • Chev/Vet/Jugg have lost -1con and have gained +5hit
  • Current CritAVD classes gain additional 15critavd

From here on out, this will also serve as a place for discussing new classes as well...and without further adieu


Stay tuned for more info, test out your new potential, report bugs and most of all have fun!
also free master fruits to test said classes out
Will base stats and promotion bonuses be changed soon as well? It would make sense imo since +3 luck on promotion for Dracos/Hawks won't really be as useful as before now, but could be used better on Seraphs/Peregrines/Falcos, and there may be other examples for all I know.
Also *cough* 19 pow mercs and pegs in unpromos.
Rofl. Way to turn the game on its side. This is probably the best way to see just how these will work in action.

I just sure as shit hope you don't think these are balanced, because they definitely aren't.
The 7/7/7 mages are just overclassed by the now WTA2 5/5/5 ones except maybe in hit rates because of such low it, but are possibly tankier. >_>

EDIT: N/M, it's Crit vs. Crit Eva basically...

At least Dracos/Hawks aren't completely overshadowed by new!Pegs, but idk.

Although I love my 68 Crit Avd Magister even more now.
Interesting changes. Some like the Hawks/Draco 15% avoid to 15% crit sounds pretty extreme, guess we'll have to see how they play out.
Fine tuning for specific classes will follow through soon enough
I feel like peg mages really get the short end of the stick here even with the possibility of running new builds :/
Only one way to find out though and I havent taken a single turn in promos since the adjustments lol...
This seems like the best place to post this:

Would it be an idea to implement unpromo mage horses, so we can let mages promote into a crit class and stuff like that? The mage horses would also be able to promote into a crit class so that not only melee mounts have + crit, same goes for WTA2.
I'd rather see B rank Crit tomes so that wrath mages are possible in unpromo...
From here on out, this will also serve as a place for discussing new classes as well...and without further adieu

Radiant [Defencive]
Stats at level 20
HP [2/10%]: 40.00
POW [2/15%]: 20.00
SKL [0/0%]: 11.00
SPD [2/20%]: 19.00
DEF [1/20%]: 16.00
RES [1/5%]: 16.00
LCK [0/0%]: 7.00

Bye Templords, you've had your time to shine.

Edit: yay it's not possible to build this anymore I'm happy
I have one question (it may be awkward) what is a class? Or lord class? Class name?
It's still the exact same class, it just has a fancy name given to it with the master namer item. It functions no differently than any other unit of the same class.