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Full Version: Skins are broken.
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The default skin is missing a banner.
And, I can't even change to the other 2 skins. Like, I go to the Edit Options in User CP, and try to change skins, and it literally does nothing.

Something must be wrong.
I legitimately didn't even know we had skin options.
Dang, I just got here and the skins don't work?! ( I had no idea there was skins either.)
It is the death rattle.

Well, so what if we're blue and white? It's what's on the inside that counts Wink.
They've actually been missing/broken for quite some time, probably about a year. I guess I really was the first to notice.
Nevermind the fact that the current skins are broke - let me know when we get the sick Black Knight skin back. I had that on the old site for so long that it instantly gives me the warm fuzzies.