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Full Version: Lennox Hyperion
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Name: Lennox Hyperion "the Generous"(Self appointed title)
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Nation/Allegiance: Etruria/Shad Hyperion
Appearance/Description: Lennox could be considered the spitting image of his father. While he isn't, the likeness is uncanny. His hair, looking almost like barley corn, is messy and frequently obscures his vision. One of the few dissimilarities from his father are the blue eyes passed on to him from his mother.

Standing at just over six feet tall, Lennox is one of the taller members of his family and one of the most physically gifted of them. His body, while somewhat lean, is very muscular from intense training in his youth. He is also deceptively flexible and agile which is key to his fighting abilities when unarmed. However, he likens his body to a canvas, and the weapons of his foes are the brushes. He sports an assortment of scars in the abdomen region as well as on his forearms and back.

Lennox currently wears a rather unassuming dark brown tunic, matched with black pants and boots. Occasionally, he'll outfit the boots with greaves and don matching gauntlets for fighting unarmed, but he usually carries that around with him. Over it all is the tell tale sign of his family, a cloak colored in the traditional Hyperion-shade purple. The cloak is deceptively heavy, as is the case with a lot of Hyperion clothes. It bears an inner-weave of chain mail as protection. On his right index finger is his families signet ring, bearing a single bronze wolf head against an amethyst stone, representing the family coat.

Ever since being used by Corin, Lennox became an aloof individual. The betrayal hurt him, but it hardened his personality a bit, perhaps to his benefit. He isn't as naive and trusting as he once was, and on the inside he still wants to believe in people, but he isn't as forthcoming about it anymore. Lennox has the trademark recklessness of his forefathers. He holds the firm belief that he will absolutely die in a violent manner. He claims that is the the fate of the Hyperion men and anyone who wields Dyrnwyn, although both arguments can be countered. He also believes that Dyrnwyn has made him into a monster and willing accepts that if he can use it to help people. When asked why he doesn't just return the sword, Lennox would claim that the sword is safest with a person who can use it.

Bio/Backstory: Lennox was born into the nobility, but almost nothing about him or his family would clue anyone in on that. Wanderlust and the yearning for battle defines the family, to the detriment of the family. Both urges almost forced Lennox' own father to abandon his familial duties before Lennox was born, but the opportunity never presented itself. By the time of his birth, however, his father had managed to suppress those urges to focus on raising his son.

His father, Maddox, married one of his family's spies, a lithe red-head by the name of Briar Evangilista. She was a deceptively cruel woman, who took pleasure in torturing victims before their deaths. While he was well aware of this side to her, Briar detached herself from this nature when she wasn't on an assignment. Lennox would never hear of this side to her, since she retired from active duty after marriage.

Briar would be the first person to train the young Lennox, training him from a very early childhood the basics of hand-to-hand combat. While he wouldn't necessary need those skills, she wanted him to have that knowledge nonetheless. When Maddox found time, he began teaching him the basics of swordplay. From an early age, Lennox was trained to be an effective weapon to protect his family.

But then, disaster finally struck. The Fen estate lead an attack against the Hyperions, the former accusing the latter of betrayal. In one foul attack, most of the Hyperion family was slain. Lennox' uncle, Daren, sent him and his cousin to flee to their estate in Ostia. Unaware of the tide of the battle, they left. Lennox would learn years later that his mother was slain, while his father had survived. Maddox, partially from depression, gave into those urges that plagued him years before.

The pair grew up as orphans in an unknown country, barely able to afford to keep themselves afloat. While Shad, considered the smarter of the two, took care of their finances, Lennox got himself work. He befriended a local by the name of Arthur Richter, who introduced him to pit fighting. It was a risky, but high paying, job, if he survived. Lennox took to it instantly, demonstrating his unusually skilled training, for his age, against men almost twice his age.

He kept this up for years, expanding his repetiore of moves. The pair of boys found mentors to help complete their sword fighting training that their fathers left them with. When they had both finished, around the time of Shad's 15th birthday, they decided it was time to leave Ostia behind. While Shad, the designated heir of their family, aimed to reclaim their home, Lennox had other motivations.

Around this time, Lennox encountered a skilled swordsman, calling himself Corin Hyperion. He claimed that they were related, and sure enough, traced their bloodlines to Lennox' great-great grandfather, Dieter Hyperion. He never heard of Ruprecht Hyperion, but knew of his great grandfathers destructive nature and assumed that he drove his brother away. Corin told him that Maddox Hyperion still lived and he wanted to find him. Lennox, naively, agreed to help him.

The pair traveled through Etruria and traveled to the Western Isles, where Maddox was supposedly hiding. Unbeknownst to Lennox, Corin wanted to kill Maddox and convince the youth to join their family, with Corin's father as the head of the family. To this end, Corin had hired a mercenary company with the express interest of killing Maddox before they catch him. Maddox made short work of the mercs who tried to fight him, mostly by giving them his weapon.

The weapon he was using was known as Dyrnwyn and it carries a deadly legacy. Anyone the blade finds unworthy of it, it ignites the man who grabbed it until they succumb to the fire. Corin and Lennox separated, and Corin found Maddox first. He challenged the swordsman the same way he challenged the mercs. When Corin grabbed the sword and did not spontaneously combust, it was already over for Maddox. Maddox couldn't defend himself in time and Corin left him for dead. Lennox arrived before Corin could finish him off, forcing Corin to flee. Lennox spoke to his father until his light was extinguished and dug a grave for him. Lennox buried his father, using his father's sword, the Hyperion, as a head stone. As he left the grave, the remaining mercenaries descended on Lennox, and, in his fury, Lennox cut them down one by one until none remained.

Lennox spent the next year wandering the Western Isles, disillusioned with himself over the betrayal. He would eventually return to Etruria, to his home in Arretium. He had hoped to find Corin there so he could finish him off, but instead found someone else. Carla, Corin's baby sister, was there to greet him. Lennox tried to attack her, but Carla was able to dodge his attacks. When Lennox calmed down, Carla explained that her father and brother love using people and have been using her as a tool for years. Lennox empathized with that and found comfort in the support she gave him. She told him that her older brother, Leon, and herself swore their blades to Shad when the time came.

Lennox, rejuvenated from the encounter, left to journey Etruria until word of Shad's coming battle rose to prominence. Lennox arrived to the battle as the Shad's forces and Corin's forces were skirmishing. Leon would accompany Lennox into battle, helping him infiltrate the keep to battle Corin. In that battle, Corin boldly offered Dyrnwyn to Lennox to use, ensuring he knew that he was risking instant death in grabbing it. Lennox, with nothing to lose, seized the sword and turned it on Corin.The two would fight for almost twenty minutes before a blaze of fire engulfed Corin, allowing time for Lennox to strike. He cut him right down the middle of his right eye and hit him in an assortment of places. Corin was left, seemingly dead, on the ground when the pair left to rejoin Shad.

Shad and Lennox would temporarily don the outfits their respective fathers wore and left the keep to challenge the mercenaries who fled in the very sight of them. Their respective silhouettes triggered memories of their fathers and struck fear into their hearts. The battle was won and their family was restored.

Lennox was then hit by the sickness of his family, and left home shortly after to pursue more fighting, slowly becoming aware of the evils Dyrnwyn possesses. He began offering the sword, just like Corin and Maddox before him and found it a very demoralizing way of fighting people. Who wants to fight a guy who's sword can kill when he's not holding it? He began realizing this sword is more a curse than a blessing.

When Lennox heard of the issues between Lycia and Etruria, he returned home. After that happened, his uncle Wolfram and his recently discovered cousin Maria left for Bern. Lennox left a few weeks later, unwillingly accompanied by Carla, to continue wandering. Shortly after leaving, the pair were attacked by some Imperial scouts, who apparently were very interested in Dyrnwyn. Lennox let slip the history of the blade to them and they left peacefully to report back. He realized that it was a bad idea to let them go, but the idea in general piqued his interest. Why was the Emperor after ancient relics? Is he also after the Eight Legendary weapons? Did he already have some? This gave him a vague goal to his wandering. The relic seekers may come back for Dyrnwyn. And Lennox would be ready.

Additional Notes:Lennox carries two swords on him. The Greatsword Dyrnwyn and a steel longsword. Lennox is proficient in brawling and wrestling from his pit fighting days. His move of choice is a release belly-to-back suplex.

Description of Dyrnwyn Wrote:Created by Lennox' ancestor, Francesca the Generous, as an alternative to the Eight Legendary Weapons, although it is unclear if Dyrnwyn would work against dragons. Francesca began offering the sword in an attempt to find a worthy husband. Eventually Hildebrand Hyperion would take the sword without harm and the two would later marry. Since then, Dyrnwyn has had a close association with the Hyperion family. An unconfirmed theory suggests that the blade only judges men for their worth.

When drawn, it blazed with fire; if drawn by a worthy man, the fire would help him in his cause, but its fire would burn the man who drew it for an unworthy purpose. When swung with enough force, the blaze within would lash out at its foe. One easy to spot detail is it's white hilt.