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Full Version: THE FEARSOME TRIPLE LETTER CLAN OF DOOM - JOIN TODAY!!! (up to 26 members)
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Ohey another battle, another report ! (I'll down it to 1 line per units lol, I'm getting lazy, will build a massive one when they reach lvl 10)

CCC : Healing and no battles, easy life. (yeah I know, same as last time)

FFF : is getting used to not dying, got a kill, didn't miss

GGG : new MVP of the squad, Lethal Assassin, 5 battles, 5 wins, 5 kills.
Best killer of the squad with LLL.

HHH : Damager, didn't die this time, didn't kill, didn't miss. Most healed unit.

KKK : Had his first battle! still no death, and some healing.

LLL : 2 kills, died close to the end, did his job.

MMM : Benched, lvl cap was too low for him

WWW : Benched, lvl cap was too low for him

YYY : Damager, missed a 90%, didn't die, didn't kill.

ZZZ : survived the first strike on him, but then got hit by 65% counter and ended up dying, did his job, can't have all units survive every time.
I mean, if you put me in every battle it wouldn't be fun anymore because it would be an automatic win each time.
New tournaments are up!
This will be an excellent opportunity to collectively destroy all the non-letters out there and to collect trophies oh right, there were no trophies for this... *cough*
Anyway, I expect most of you to participate and to beat lots of non-letters in the process. Gang luck!
Report :

MMM missed twice the finisheg blow and almost had his felloew clanmates die, WTF MAN

GGG had his first nonkill battles, and died

HHH got careless and died, sadly

Rest did the job, MMM was still kinda the win ticket.

New exp boost made LLL and YYY, who were benched, lagg behind, sadly
Keep the children away, we're an X-rated gang now.
Triple X even.
(09-16-2015, 08:02 PM)MMM Wrote: [ -> ]Our current goals!

- Enlist a grand total of 26 members
- Becoming rich (as in, richer than the test accounts) (this could take a while since some of us actually need to spend our gold o.o )
- Earn all colored trophies for the next set of tournaments. If we fail we'll try again for the one after that

I should probably do a few progress reports on our goals in the future, so here's the first of many to come at random times in the future.

Members: We have 12 out of the possible grand total of 26 (could be increased if we accommodate other alphabets) so uh.. not bad I guess, we're getting there.

Tournaments: lol no trophies for this set of tournaments, not gonna happen even though we only have gang members in the unpromo one

Riches: (as of this post)
12. FFF - 3.593
11. XXX - 5.324
10. SSS - 11.779
9. YYY - 20.071
8. WWW - 25.325
7. LLL - 56.670
6. ZZZ - 83.166
5. CCC - 162.079
4. GGG - 448.063
3. HHH - 829.267
2. KKK - 1.629.614
Gang total: 3.274.973
Amount of gold to go until the test accounts are beaten: 996.725.027
Yeah we'll need a lot more ganglets. I'll probably put another one up tomorrow/today.
Funny that for GGG and me (HHH), if you add up money of all members with less money than yourself, you still have more money (isn't the case for KKK by a small amount)
(Double post... )

Ok some may say I was bored, they may be right, but I had fun doing this lol

I went through all the logs of the turns of my 11 TLG squad battles, I took the time to write down all damages, all RNs, all shoves, etc.

and I made some pretty pictures and used Excel to calculate quickly some stats!

I'll go down all 3 pictures and explain details and then spout some random stats I also checked xP

[Image: 3h21AAO.png]
Total, where it's not N/A, is the sum of all the TLG units
Average, where total is not N/A, is simply total/units that actually played some battles
Average, where total is N/A, is calculated with all units and divided by all units (ex: Damage/Hits Dealt is total Damage/total Hits)

Ok so Battles played is for whole battle
(important note : P-S-X didn't exist at the time battle 11 was played, L was created at battle #3 and G at battle #4)

H is the workhorse, playing in all of them.
M gets benched the most with 4 times.

Rounds is the number of confrontation they had (Battle stat on Feto page), not much to say about it

Kills : G leads with 12, but is followed close by L (11) and M (10), no surprises, both healers (C, K) are at 0.

Deaths : M is the invicible leader of our squad, TLG lost only one battle so far and he was benched.
H and F both died 5 times, seems people I faced didn't like my bows.

Damage dealt is total number of damage dealt, counting overflow (ex : H's crit of 45 Damage on a peg with 26 HP)
Y is the leader with 387, which is ~19.7% of total, good job!
H is second with 336 (~17.1%)
K hit a single Aurora for 9 damages, leaving C in the dust at 0.

Damage/hit and Damage/round
Damage per hits separate damage done with Counter, Aurora and Pursuits
Damage per round also counts rounds where you couldn't attack.
L is the strongest with ~11.5 damage for each hits, H is second with ~10.2
F is dead last with 6.125 (lower than the pegmage (Y) at ~6.3 wow talk about weak)
As for damage per round, Y is the most efficient with ~9.2
Without counting healers, F is last with ~4.5 (why am I using this guy again?)

Damage received, who's the best wall/dead meat
H leads everyone with 240 (~20%)
Y is second with 200 (~16.7%)
if you take into account Damage given and Damage received, H and Y are pretty much the pivots of TLG!
(forgetting healers cause 5 and 6 rounds only) W received the least damage, maybe opponents are scared of his hitting power (~8.15 damage dealt per rounds)

Damage/hits received
M leads with ~4.8, being the only unit right now with some points invested in defensive stats, hardly surprising!
second is H with ~7.7, he's getting ganged on pretty often since he took 240 damages total.
Last is also not a surprise, glassy peg G with 11.75

[Image: TMqpMAM.png]

MVP mentions : lol I decided to name a MVP for each battle for the unit that was the best unit out there, most usefull.
Y leads with 3, had a notable one in the battle #10 where she dodged important blows and took the win home.

Y has the more hits, mainly cause pegmage pursuit everything.
K has 1 yay aurora had it's use!

Miss, M leading TLG..... no comment.
H and L's misses hurt a lot more in there battles than M's though, so guess he's still ok.
G and Z are the true hitmasters, no miss at all, way to go! Even better than K the healer who missed once!

K at 50%, hitting only 1 of 2 auroras in his existence.

H has the only crit Woot!
No crit taken by any units.

Shoves, Z's speciality, well being the only foot unit specialized in close combat, kind of expected.

Fala's the most used unit for rescuing people, for hit and run and to take treasure takers.

[Image: p39hJk7.png]

Average RN for hit and crit for every units in TLG!

Average is a lol stat, average of above ones, doesn't mean anything
Real RN Average is average of all RNs I got, look, LOOK! ~52.1, over 50, WHEN I SAY I HAVE PISS LUCK (note : it was at ~57 after my 4th battle with TLG)
at least I get pretty fair crit RNs.

Z (~46.8), G (~47.9) and F (~49.1) are actually the luckiest units (not M (~50.6) WTF)
worst luck is K (~56.8) with his staves (forget the average crit lol, 2 auroras make it lulzy)
worst luck for an offensive unit is

how let's look at crit RN
only unit with a crit is H.
Y has the best average(~46.8), but pegmages don't crit at low lvl so meh
Worst average is
H! (~58)


funny that he's the only one with an actual crit.
but his average Rn got down a lot in the last battles, it actually was over 60 during the first 8 battles (was even at 67.1 after 4 battles)

Next : lulzy stats that aren't in any tables :

Best Treasure seeker : C with 5/10 treasures
Best treasure taken : Red Gem ©
Best Gold taker in treasures : F (130 golds)
Most received treasure : Mend (2 times)
Weapon most used to kill (without looking at forges) : Flux (15 times)
Weapon most used to kill (counting forges as different) : Flux (10 times)
Weapon most used to kill by a single user (without looking at forges) : Flux by M (8 times)
Weapon most used to kill by a single user (counting forges as different) : Bronze Lance by G (7 times)
Weapon least used to kill (used at least once) : Flash (W), Purify (W), Short Bow (F), Steel Lance (G), Steel Sword (Z), Flux Reliable (M) (all used only once)

I think that's all for now,
sadly, didn't count the number of dodges for each units
and... the number of steps taken.
Oh yeah.
I didn't even realise we're already halfway through filling the gang, even farther than halfway now. I don't know how we managed this but uh, good job guys I guess? xD
M, you forgot to introduce Airra as our first vowel.

u r00d m8
(01-28-2016, 03:03 AM)Falaflame Wrote: [ -> ]M, you forgot to introduce Airra AAA as our first vowel.

u r00d m8

It's 4:40 am when I posted gimme a break <.<
I'm special.
I'm also surprised no one made A pun about our new member, too.
(01-28-2016, 09:29 PM)Falaflame Wrote: [ -> ]I'm also surprised no one made A pun about our new member, too.

Here's A class A pun just for you because I know you like to see A horrible pun like that.
I like how there were three.
A lmao
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