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Full Version: Yuri Lumenic
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Name: Yuri Lumenic
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Nation/Allegiance: Ostia, The Church of the Preservation of Sanctity
Appearance/Description:  Yuri is a relatively lithe man of average height, with a slightly pale complexion.  He has dark brown hair and brown eyes.  Very little is noteworthy of his physical appearance, save for the fact that he is often chided by other members of the church for looking “more like he should be reading verses than wielding swords.”
Being a member of the Keepers of Sanctity, Yuri is often seen in the garb of an Imperial Keeper – white and gray war robes with touches of black and gold.  A tall ecclesiastical hat often adorns his head, and he favors the wide, spade-ended spears that are commonly carried by Keepers.  His belt often carries a leather satchel with a magic tome inside it – though he is not an adept user of light magic, Yuri often uses it for reciting verses and studying prayers.  Sturdy leggings and leather boots round out his attire.

Yuri is typically a quiet young man, although he can be social and has a very dry sense of humor.  He is at his most animated when discussing magic users.  Or persecuting them.

Bio/Backstory:  Yuri was born in Ostia during a time of peace.  His mother was a missionary working with the Elimine Church; his father, a laborer in Ostia’s castle town and former militia captain.  All during his childhood, Yuri’s parents were strong proponents of maintaining a strong moral code and fighting for just means.  Yuri’s dream was to work within the church, in any capacity – he wanted to be a worker of miracles, just like the characters in the stories he read as a youth.  After completing school, Yuri immediately became an acolyte of the Elimine Church, working under the watchful eye of his mother.  Yuri was taught how to wield light magic, and the higher clergymen praised his passion and kind demeanor.

Sadly, a few years later, Yuri’s father took ill.  It was a dreadful sickness, and though Yuri and his mother prayed hard for his recovery, there was no miracle – Yuri’s father died.  Believing himself a failure, Yuri’s faith in the church was nearly broken altogether.  It was only through the insistence of his mother that Yuri continued on as a member of the church.  While he so desperately tried to maintain a positive outward appearance, inside Yuri was searching for something, anything, to take the blame for the loss of his father.  Yuri’s ability to use magic steadily waned alongside his faith.  It was around this time that the Emperor announced the founding of the Church of the Preservation of Sanctity.

Elimine church practitioners were swayed to the new teachings through careful manipulation of their own piety.  In Yuri’s case, the slandering of black mages was what drew him towards a more militant sect – clearly the scheming shamans and mages were responsible for poisoning his father!  And yet, despite impressing the Church of Sanctity with his zeal, Yuri’s magical prowess never rematerialized.  He began to grow apart from his mother, who had stayed with the Elimine church.  She warned him that, without sincere faith, he would never work miracles.  Yuri dismissed her advice and enlisted as a Keeper, seeking to remove the vile practices that he believed were responsible for the tragedies he had faced.

Yuri’s hatred for black magic served him well in the suspicious ranks of the Emperor’s new church.  None, it seemed, were happier than he when the Lycian invasion of Etruria took place.  Though the Church of Sanctity was merged with the Church of Elimine, Yuri still felt empty.  What now, if not the triumph of his crusade, would restore his faith and finally bring him peace..?

Additional Information:
• Yuri was formerly a budding talent with holy magic.  However, since the death of his father, his deep-seated despair has hampered his ability to use it.
• Yuri was a participant in the Day Zero invasion.  Though he was involved in battles against Etrurian resistance movements, he is oblivious to the true scope of the horrors inflicted upon the Etrurian people.
• Yuri is left-handed.
• While he is a mage-hater and an advocate of the teachings of the Church of Sanctity (for now), Yuri is not outwardly pious - that is, you won't ever find him knocking on your door asking if you've heard the good word of God.