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So...yeah. It seems whenever a rp looms over the horizon my creativity forces me to start making many different mugs, half of them for characters that will end up being npcs or dead. I think I have a problem.

With that out of the way, here's a glimpse into what I've came up with...and who will probably be one of my characters.

[Image: SpliceComp2_zpsa9fb674b.png]
Okay so this is Gabriel of [INSERT CITY NAME]. He was created because of the latest sprite competition. I wasn't kidding when I said I liked it.

[Image: Ashley_zps54d22922.png][Image: Ashleyarmor_zps145c2114.png]
This is his sibling Ash, who will also probably be one of my characters. Ash has a little secret known only to Gabriel, their caretaker, and anyone who happens to clicks on the portrait.

Anyway, as an assassin, I've been drawn to the Assassin's Creed series, particularly Black Flag, which gave me some ideas, one being the secret above, the second being the next part.
[Image: PirateWIP_zps6ed11c95.png]This is a WIP
This is Captain 'Marcellus'. He's a pirate and the father to Gabriel and Ash. He also has lost his memory in a ship wreck. Marcellus was the name of the wrecked ship and he took the name as his own. His true name is Luka Hyperion.

To anyone who doesn't know about me and Fire Emblem roleplays, I have a bit of family that I try to base the timeline against. I made an alternate timeline for the failed rp that we tried to start and this extension of the family belongs to that alternate timeline. The fact that the hair color is red shows just how alternate this is.

[Image: FormalShad_zps796cf9ab.png]
This is Shadrach 'Shad' Hyperion at the time of becoming head of the Hyperion family.

[Image: FormalShad2_zps4c35ac7f.png]
This is the first true portrayal of Shad as a mature adult.
[Image: Newfemale_zps2985946a.png]
And this is his wife, Alice. This wasn't the person he was meant to marry originally, but like I said, alternate timeline. If you haven't figured it out yet, Shad and Alice are Marcellus' parents.

I have some other things I'd like to post, but I think I'll wait a bit before I do that.
gonna have to add story elements back to my mugs again, these all look pretty good Swift :o
Thanks. Like I stated earlier, I keep making mugs for npcs.

I created an alternate version of a mug for one such character who was added to the Hyperion family following their original RPs second or third reset. I went back and added another branch that was kept hidden from the main family and this was the youngest of that branch, Carla Hyperion.
[Image: Karla.gif]
This was her originallymore or less.
[Image: OlderCarla.gif]
This was her when she was a bit older and more mature, which leads us into the mug I've been talking about.
[Image: Carlarevamp_zps56703cb2.png]
Carla had always been a myrmidon/swordswoman. And now she has essentially become a samurai, even wearing a sarashi. A small note here, Ash will be also be wearing one

Speaking of Ash, I kinda...sorta...made a future husband for her.
[Image: NewPortrait2_zps600ee9a4.png][Image: NewPortrait_zps70091a61.png]
Meet New Portrait Adrian, the first portrait being a slightly less experienced Adrian and a more experienced and dependable Adrian. I'm making him out to be just like Donnel with this description.
Okay, more things coming right up. Let's see if the double posts merge or not on this board.
[Image: Ashleydifferenthair_zps93b1d05d.png]
This is Ashley after kinda embracing gender. She changes her hairstyle with it.

[Image: Ashley2_zps28cd582f.png]
And this is her taking on a new wardrobe as well.

And some new versions of Adrian.
[Image: Adrianshorthairworsearmor_zpsbae40e42.png][Image: Adrianshorthairbetterarmor_zps23f66de5.png]
This is Adrian with his hair shorter in the back and...

[Image: AdrianOlderworsearmor_zps1c052c4b.png][Image: AdrianOlderbetterarmor_zpsfa9ab21d.png]
Adrian actually older.
I really like your mugs. They have so much personality! Big Grin
Here's an update. I'm sure anyone looking in this thread would have been seeing the entries and votes for R5 of the splice contests. I mentioned there that the mug I made was essentially an update of an old character.

[Image: SophusHyperion_zps482a7fdd.png]
This is Sophus Hyperion, Son of Ludwig, Father of Daren and Maddox, Grandfather of Shad, Maria and Lennox, and Great-Grandfather of Luka/Captain Marcellus above. He's just a recolor of Elbert. He was just there as a bridge between Ludwig and Daren/Maddox. As such he was the least developed of the main family.

But that man is Sophus no more.
[Image: NewDarenHyperion_zps863f4928.png]
This would be the new Sophus...if I wasn't renaming him. See, just about all of the Hyperion family names are English or German, the exceptions being Faustus - which is Roman but can be shortened to Faust, and Sophus, which is Greek. So this man is being named Arron. Arron marks the second time one of my characters was revamped with a new name and the third redesign.

[Image: RevisedKarn.gif]
This was the first of that category. This was the original template of Karn Hyperion, which was Faustus' middle child. He was meant to be an assassin who's sole goal was avenging his fathers 'death' by killing Maddox.

[Image: Corin_zpsb651bbb8.png]
And this was his revamp. This is Corin Hyperion, now eldest child of Faustus Hyperion who would be a swordsman/mercenary who would have actually killed Maddox in that alternate timeline I mentioned in the first post. That time wasn't for revenge but was to ensure that no one could contest Faustus' claim to the Hyperion family lands/titles.

[Image: Lennox.gif][Image: LennoxCloak_zps1debef2b.png]
This is Lennox Hyperion, Shad's cousin and Maddox's son. This first mug was his original design which always seemed a bit off to me. The second mug is his redesign which I based off of the Tactician from Awakening. He was originally a fighter. But when I figured I'd be killing of Maddox and someone needed to take up his 'Infinity -1' sword Dyrnwyn, he'd need to be better with a sword than with and axe and became a fighter. I need to find some time to put the revamp Lennox into his old coat, but this was alt timeline and neither Lennox nor Shad had their traditional long coats.

And for the hell of it, I did a short update to Daren.
[Image: DarenHyperion_zpsc482319c.png]
Funnily enough, I just made the 'old' Sophus mug a few minutes before. Apparently when I made the original Hyperions part of Elberts body was cut off, so the bottom five rows of pixels were gone. I also fixed a problem I noticed where the whites of Daren's eyes were missing.

I'll be posting more eventually. Maybe those of you who have no clue who the hell I am bringing up in the back stories will finally have a mug to link to them.
I found time.
[Image: Lennoxclassic_zps173695d6.png]
Lennox dressed in his classic longcoat design. His kept his current color scheme of brown clothes and dark purple outerwear.

And here is Maddox.
[Image: MaddoxYoung_zps6ecc4d58.png][Image: Maddoxformal-1.gif][Image: Maddox2formal-1.gif]
The first version is his common appearance and the latest to be updated with correct colors. The second and third are much older color-wise. Their traditional purple attire has been altered several times. Anyway the other two are his formal clothes, which was a bit weird because when he wore those clothes first in an rp was as a mercenary working for a prince/king. The last mug is a older variation based in an rp that timeline wise was featured on Shad's son Kay a.k.a. Shad's original timeline son. Have I mentioned how well the Hyperions age?

Maddox is 50 in the first two mugs and edging on 80 in the last one.

For comparison, this is Daren at 50.
[Image: Daren4.gif]
I realized now that the Daren with facial hair mug was a younger version, before Shad was born. This above, besides being dated by the color scheme was him when I rp'd as him.

Speaking of, I have a weird story of how I got to the Hyperion family to begin with. First I made a mug that was based on me...which I used as a base for a rp character. I made his wardrobe based on Judas from Tales of Destiny II(I was on a Tales of kick at the time) which incorporated a lot of dark colors. I then made different versions of him that was supposed to the passing of time. Then I made a formal attire version...which I then turned into Shad(Thanks LoZ:TP for the name) Hyperion(And Starcraft for that) for the Dark of Night roleplay.

Then we were able to have multiple characters as a mercenary and then the family started. First came Maddox, then I had to make up the npcs Lennox, Daren and Sophus. Then reboot and now Daren was my main character and an officer and Shad was a npc(more or less). But to have an background standing into why Daren had any prominence in Endal, I made Ludwig, a guy so badass he developed the unique class for Endal, the Praetorian, which were walking Paladins, essentially.

Purple was the official color of Endal(based of the Roman Empire) and the Hyperions had their own shade, which I believe at this point in time is supposed to be Dark Byzantium, that became a tradition in their family. And then things spiraled out from there.

Enough reminiscing. New mug.
[Image: NewMug1_zps88ebed79.png]
Barrett, Adrian and Ashley's son. Barrett was orphaned at a young age as he was kidnapped from his parents. His parents caught up with the kidnapper only to run into an ambush and get overrun and slain. The group that took him kept the kid for a short while before they raided by the local guard. The guard rescued the boy and brought him to an orphanage where he'd grow up into a street rat.

That's all for now.
That last Maddox is edging EIGHTY?! God DAMN does he age well. He looks 45.

And I was wondering about how the Hyperions came to be. Good to know. Perhaps I can come up with something similar.
Oh, yeah...it was really kinda hard to make aging look descent with his face shape. Practically everyone that age in the mugs either have a lot of facial hair like Athos, or a longer face like Lyn's grandfather.

Yeah, there was a side-branch that developed after the second or third reboot when character limits were stretched a bit more. First came Solon...which now that I think about it, is also in need of an appearance overhaul. As well as a new name as Solon is a greek name...but so is Hyperion. Damn it. The Hyperions are now the Diethelms! April Fools!*is shot* It's a very long and old family. He is now Ruprecht Diethelm Hyperion. Expect a mug by the end of the week. Most likely. Actually two. His original and his new one.

Anyway, I made Faustus Hyperion and his three children. Their ages a bit offset with the main family. Sol-*cough* Ruprecht is Ludwigs baby brother. I can't remember the age difference with the original timeline I made up but their aged halfway between the generations of the main family. Faustus is Arron's cousin but is closer in age to Maddox and Daren then Arron.
[Image: AltFaustus.png][Image: Faustus.gif][Image: FaustusFormal_zps9515c55a.png]
The first image is young Faustus, ready to lead a rebellion against Endal years before the rp actually started. The second one is him years later hunting down Maddox to get revenge for his defeat. The third one is the alt timeline version were the main family was framed for attacking an ally and all of them were killed or in self-imposed exile. He would slink out of hiding years afterwards and claim the titles of the Hyperion family. AKA Formal attire.

Then came his oldest(now middle) child Leon Hyperion. Originally, years after Faustus failed(and faked his death) and shamed the family, Leon took his younger siblings, Karn and Carla, to meet Daren Hyperion and promise to undo their father's mistakes. Karn lies about his intentions but Leon and Carla both join honorable mercenary companies in the rp. Leon joins a merc company hunting down a horrible monster.
[Image: Leon.gif][Image: LeonRoE.png][Image: OlderLeon.gif]
This first mug was his original appearence, his second one was meant to be an older version of him years later, and the last was years after that. He ended up losing an eye when he fought and killed Karn. He hasn't changed much.

Then came Karn, now Corin, who was mentioned before...so onto Carla...who was also mentioned before. Anyway, she joined a company based on certain faiths and stuff. During her first assignment she became the first of the three siblings to meet their father's "killer"...which reminds me of a story about that "killer" and the prince of Ainor and how the king died in his arms in front of the prince...and then a coronation that lasted probably a year and a half irl. Okay, maybe not that long, but it went on for ever. But I think that's it for today. Now to make a fake spoiler below this with an elaborate April 1st joke in it!...
*looks around* Yes...It's been...a month. Look I said it on april fools you don't have to take the later this week thing serious...Anyway....

[Image: Solon_zps661db7ae.png]
This was Solon Hyperion, when I originally made him. Basically I took angry Hector and tossed his head on.......Linus? Yeah...

[Image: Ruprecht_zps51d82807.png]
Now this is Ruprecht Hyperion, the retcon of Solon. I put a little more work in it...even if I see something I need to fix after posting this. Anyway moving on.

Now two more members of the Hyperion family...sorta.
[Image: KelseyAbbate_zpsfe981d11.png]
This is/was Kelsey Abbate Hyperion, Daren's wife. This version of her was meant to be a knight which was how the two met. She...also was the recipient of a retcon.
[Image: Kelsey_zps90828ac9.png]
This is Kelsey Caron Hyperion. She belongs to the Caron family which was once a noble family lineage, most, if not all, mages.The Carons now serve as historians for the Hyperion family. During the Hyperion Keep massacre, she sealed away large portions of the Hyperion estate to prevent looting and to keep the family history retained. Only her descendants would be able to undo the seal, which is a bit tricky since one into exile and the other contributed to her early death.

[Image: Wolfram_zpsb1882398.png]
And this is her really-not-evil-just-looks-it brother Wolfram Caron. He becomes Shadrach's first companion on his road to claiming what Faustus stole from him. He acts as a mentor and a walking history text. He also dabbles in dark magics and becomes able to bind willing souls to fight for him in battle. His first attempt at the spell allows Shadrach to speak with his late father after 8 years of exile.

[Image: YoungWolfram_zps24f1a3ae.png]
And this is more or less his original design...in that the design, not the color-scheme, was meant to be him, named after one of his alias's and was recolored to match to the older version. Why bother, you may ask? I noticed how similar the hair was and figured why not. It looks like a its meant to be the same person. So...yeah. This was him around the time Daren and Kelsey got married and before he left to pursue his summoning ambition.
*looks around* So it's almost been a month again. And I've had a couple different moods that made me sprite something this past month. Earlier in the month was Devil May Cry...because somehow Youtube recommended to me DMC 4's theme which lead to things...Note this isn't the best because reasons.

[Image: DarenVirgilColors_zps7b0f6fce.png][Image: DarenVirgil_zpsc753fdc4.png][Image: MaddoxDanteColors_zps3e574e07.png][Image: MaddoxDante_zps9384a25e.png]
Yeah...Daren as Vergil and Maddox as Dante. Not saying Daren's evil, but he's closer personality-wise to Vergil, and vice-versa for Maddox. First version of each is coat colors, the second is a semi-halfassed cosplay-like version. Maddox looks better with his hair than Daren is with his.

And the second mood of the month was courtesy of Dynasty Warriors 8 coming to steam. A few missions into the Shu storyline and I found my favorite character in Xu Shu. And since I wanted a new attire for Shad that looked more in line with a coat...I kinda...stole...some things. Before I show you what may or may not be his new design, here is Shad in cosplay as Xu Shu, in both Shu and Wei colors.
[Image: ShadXuShucosplay_zps3b1403cc.png][Image: ShadXuShucosplayWei_zps9f1856dd.png]
I kinda actually like how the facial hair came out...and I really thought I'd hate so much.

But Shad's new? attire.
[Image: NewShad1_zps5569f23f.png][Image: NewShad2_zps052904c5.png][Image: NewShad3_zpse1aca2bf.png][Image: NewShad4_zpsfc22a3e0.png]
I don't have a version with his very long hair, but I don't think it was necessary at this point. I also have one more mug of this. Shad has the same body shape as his father, so most of his clothes ended up being hand-me-downs, in both versions of his history. His original coat was an old tattered coat his father used minus sleeves. So (ignoring the obviously younger version of Daren) here is Daren wearing what would have been his new attire, had he not been killed.
[Image: NewDaren_zpse738f21f.png]

I really like how this came out. Now to forget to post here for almost a month!
Okay...so not a month. Woo!

So...Before the rp came out I was thinking of what would happen next to Shad in this alternate world. Which I could still get to work to some capacity. It would have been that a Tyber Fen, would execute a coup on the the king, using the strife between Shad and Faustus as a diversion. Thing is, another Tyber Fen, is actually on the ground helping Shad in the fight. They would go and discover that the Tyber Fen that help Shad is actually the member of the Fen family that Faustus attacked to provoke the massacre of the Hyperion family.

[Image: FakeTyber_zps88b9c110.png]
His name was actually Remus Fen, and is actually Tyber's twin brother. Somehow his brother imprinted himself on an amnesiac Remus and Remus, and almost everyone else, thought he was Tyber, because they were never in the same place at the same time. Here he is wearing the attire I made up for one of the sprite competitions.

[Image: TrueTyber_zpsec049dee.png]
The real Tyber Fen actually supported Faustus and decided to allow Remus to continue thinking that he is Tyber. So the real Tyber took on the name Urai Zann and began working in secret to take over. He did some things to himself to make himself look older on the off chance the two did meet no one would believe they were brothers.

Considering the current rp storyline, however...I might have Urai hold a high ranking post in the Lycian Empire and have him as an insider who helped sabotage Etruria to help support Lycia's claims to war.
New post...again.

It's just a minor change and some recolors of old portraits.

[Image: NewShadHood_zps794a8c87.png]
First, Shad with his hood up. I was a bit lazy and didn't want to work on recreating the original hood, so I just spliced one on. Could be better.

[Image: NewMarcus3_zpsb9303478.png][Image: NewMarcus2_zps70ad7ba9.png][Image: NewMarcus_zpscff0680f.png]
And here is the commander of his household guard, Marcus. Marcus was his father's squire and the brother to who was supposed to be Shad's wife. The first portrait was before the massacre at the Hyperion's Keep, and the second two are him when he returned to serve Shad when he took his lands back. He barely survived the massacre and was left a scarred corpse with an eye less. It took him months of recovery, but the scars never went away. He would discover Shad's quest in time for the climactic battle. The first two are him in armor, his original armor and a replica version years later, and the latter him as a beggar/disguise.

So...eventually I believe that Etruria would get a chance to fight back for its freedom. So Shad and Lennox, obviously siding with their country of birth, will realize that their long coats, though lightly armored, would not be sufficient in this situation. Which leads to both of them donning armor.

[Image: ArmorGeneralLennox_zps0962f699.png][Image: KnightGeneralShadrach_zps93babde0.png]
Neither of them look like heros for the Lycian cause. Infact, although Shad's armor is channeling the great Knight General Percival, his color scheme is similar to the Black Knight. Lennox's armor is actually dark purple, but Shad's is practically black. These won't get use till a lot later in the rp, I believe. Which by then Lennox, Wolfram, and maybe Tyber would all be character's that I'll be rping by then. Eh, depends on the limits. I know for a fact the my next character is Wolfram.
Okay...Another update? Most of these are just updated older mugs. Some I just color swapped and a couple have some extra bits.

[Image: Newfemale2_zpseaa9d908.png]
Here's the first edit, Shad's new future wife Alice. She's not exactly a civilian. She's actually an Ostian spy. She's been keeping tabs on him ever since Shad left his keep. So here she is, geared up and ready for a fight.

[Image: GeneralArthur_zpsd2edae40.png]
And this is General Arthur, Alice's father? brother? not sure yet. Just one of Shad's future opponents. And that's what the rest of this post will be. Enemies that Shad, Lennox, or Wolfram would have to face.

[Image: CaptainRichter_zpsfd7d5f3e.png]
This is Captain Richter, a Lycian captian. Self explanatory.

[Image: FatherNader_zps37487642.png]
Father Nader, a member of the Church of the Preservation of Sanctity. He'd probably go head to head with Wolfram and his magic.

[Image: SirMathias_zpsd4f2c013.png]
This is Sir Mathias, a Etrurian knight who defected to Lycia in exchange for rank.

[Image: WhiteKnightCorin_zps41a43103.png]
And this last one is a knight in service to the real Tyber Fen, as shown above. You may notice a bit of a resemblance to an earlier mug and that's intentional.
[Image: SurvivorCorin_zps2f89d6e1.png]
It's Corin. Just like his father in their original timeline, Corin was saved from near death by Father Nader to serve Tyber Fen. Corin's face is heavily scarred from Dyrnwyns flames and he is blind in his left eye now. He serves as Tyber Fen's White Knight to help enforce peace in annexed Etruria. His mind is fractured and his sense of morality has broken with it. His White Knight moniker is meant to be ironic, as he's a ruthless killer who slaughters Tyber's enemies, be they men, women, or children.
Ok so this is amazing. Your mugs are very good. The detail you get out of the mugs is superb. I would also like to commend you on your shading. What program do you use? When did you get into this kind of art? Was it difficult to copy the FE style of Mug shots? Do you also do sprite work? Consider me a fan of you and your work.
Maybe it's just me, but I don't really think I'm that good at shading. I guess that's a matter of opinion. I started using some photoshop rip-off years ago. Unfortunately, the picture on the monitor sucked, so a lot of my early stuff had wildly varying shades. Now I use Paint.Net. It's not that difficult to pick up and it has layering, which is handy when I want to plop new heads or attires on people. I got into this...probably around the time I got into Fire Emblem.

I don't think it was that hard, most of my stuff uses existing rips of FE mugs as bases. Sometimes it's just a matter of manipulating them. Shad, who is one of my older characters uses the same face as Wil. His father, Daren, uses Wil's face with Saul's eyes. Maddox uses Older Eliwood(FE7)'s face and hair, and when I made it messy I just used younger Eliwoods hair. The one problem I had with the Hyperion family in general was finding a shade of purple that wasn't darker than my already darkened outline.

Yes and no. I did FE battle sprites years ago, but there was only so many variations of sandy hair and long coat I can do, ya know. I could try to update some of them and post them, but I'd need to redo the ones for Shad and Lennox since they don't have any in their current forms.

And thanks. Here's a really quick mug I just worked up because I realized something.

[Image: DarkDruidWolfram_zps627dbbf1.png]

I just realized Wolfram seems to be going down a dark path, somewhat unwittingly. Sure, he hasn't been in an rp yet, but in his background for Insurrection, he traveled to Ilia in search of Niime's tomes and resources. Then I thought about it and it looks like Wolfram unwittingly learned how to summon a deceased persons quintessence to talk with them. Give it some time and we'll have Wolfram discovering how to create morphs and eventually it'll pervert him just like it did Nergal. So here we have Dark Druid Wolfram, preparing to send his wrath against the Church of the Preservation of Sanctity.
That sounds...


The wheels in my head are a-turning...
I find it so funny, in hind sight. When I originally made the Wolfram character, he's always been involved with dark magic. He originally began as Robert Schirmer in Radiance Lost, as a Branded Shaman who invested a lot of time into magic research. He was originally designed as a Kreia-type person who wanted to use dark magic to kill dark magic...but that changed. I was going to have him be able to summon dark magic swords to fight for him. But, I dumped him for another character I had.

Then I revived him as Wolfram Caron for a Dragon Age rp, where he was supposed to be the Orlesian Warden from Awakening. In that form, he was a blood mage he routinely cut himself open for his magic and was going to be able to summon demons, again, to fight for him. Again, he was big into magic research, but ultimately spent most of him time in recovery because he essentially became fates punching bag.

And now here he is again, back into magic research and trying to summon things...but since this isn't Magvel where summoning can be done by the good guys, the only way he's going to be able to learn this is from a former big bad...and it isn't so much as summoning as it is crafting new fair-skinned, black haired, golden eye life with only one defining trait.

But enough of that for now. Here's my first mug ever...in wonderful .bmp format without transparency!
[Image: 00Robert.bmp]
Back when I used the family computer with a shitty monitor with bad contrast and I didn't use Paint for some reason. And now...
[Image: 00Robert_zps449ffd80.png]
An updated version many years later! I just made this earlier because...why not? Yeah, it doesn't look exactly the same, but its the same basic concept.
New mug.
[Image: OlderLeon_zps375d2798.png]
This is an older version of Leon, above. To his bitter hatred, he resembles his father Faustus from the chin up. He also ends up wearing white armor, similar to his father and brother. Leon tends to try not to wear the dark purple because he doesn't feel he is worthy of it because of his father, so he's wearing his same dark blue cloak, just worn differently.

....I think I'll have it as an older version. I'm not sure. Part of my wants to make that his new default face, since his current head is just FE7 Merc/Hero mashup. It's just Harken with Raven's hair. Granted, this is just Orson, with Harkens jaw/mouth, and Colm's hair and new shading, but I feel that this new face runs more in line with the facial structure of Faustus and Corin.

I guess I'll just have to see how it looks on his old torso to decide.
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