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Full Version: Looking For Social Partner
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Looks like I got accepted in. :^) My character, Alto Nem, is a bounty hunter bent on revenge against some far-off enemy. Today... we are not taking down that enemy.

But it'd be interesting to hunt down some other mark instead. Probably bandits. Everyone hates bandits. Except bandits. Though they probably hate other bandits anyway, so the point is moot.

Bounty hunter isn't just kill, though. If there's a bounty on finding the son of a rich noblewoman who eloped with a farmhand, well, I'd be game.

Am hoping to find a partner for roleplay who'll be willing to discuss ideas, rather than me just laying down the plot and everyone being an accessory rather than a main character.

Because that's what we are. Main characters.
Sure, I'm game.
Great! What character are you using, and is there some goal you want to achieve with that particular character here?

Mine will be to, "Find clues on Deadeye's whereabouts", probably by accepting a mark on someone related to him.
... Sad

I kinda wanted to collaborate on a plot in conjunction with others so all characters have some personal hook to achieve, but I see that's not really working out so far in drumming up interest. Which is a major shame!

But in Rome, you do as the Romans, so I'll revise the request:

Historya is a theatre troupe that performs theatrical pieces of Bern's past, most notably the fight with Lycia. As they travel Bern, they pick up the occasional wanderer to hear stories, share stories and have a jolly good time. The characters were picked up at some point and have gotten to know or are getting to know some of the troupe members.

When they pause one faithful night, the characters are temporarily separated from the troupe. When they do return to the troupe, it's all been ravaged by a bandit raid. Some of the troupe survive, but it's up to the characters to track down the bandits responsible and bring them to justice. Possibly for fame, maybe for reward, or maybe because the bandits kidnapped the troupemaster's wife-to-be and that's simply not a good place for a woman to be.


EDIT: Looks like there's just no interest whatsoever. I guess I'll give up on this.