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Full Version: Who Will You Fight For!?
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As the title indicates and the game's full release of FE14 (Fire Emblem Fates/If) and the info we've been given, which team will you fight for?

My decision has been made the moment I heard there were going to be differences in difficulty, and I am all for #TeamNohr
(07-22-2015, 10:45 PM)Speedy - IX Wrote: [ -> ]My decision has been made the moment I heard there were going to be differences in difficulty, and I am all for #TeamNohr

Quote:Who Will You Fight For!?

My friends. #TeamFriends
I don't believe in those Hoshidan arses.

Honestly I don't know yet... I'm still quite conflicted, and likely will be until I've played it.
My decision is fairly simple. The one who houses my very waifu, Camilla.

That happens to be Nohr.
ATM I think I'm gonna go for... neither.
Because I will inevitably buy both versions (all three, if we get the neutral dlc), I'll probably start with Nohr because Hoshido is the one with the map, where I'll inevitably spend hundreds of hours min/maxing. I'm worried that Nohr's harder difficulty will leave me disappointed when I switch though, so we'll see. Either way, Fire Emblem has instantly achieved what took Pokemon nearly 20 years to do; make me buy multiple versions of the same game. Although I did buy all of the gen 1 and 2 games so I guess they did it right away too.
I fight for myself, but in the meantime, Ill be playing Hoshido first.
Flipped a coin. Got Nohr.

Going Hard/Classic and it can get pretty brutal. The rehaul to the pair-ups and alteration to the entire weapons system really adds new layers to the strategy, which is really cool.

But holy balls is money tight. You really gotta be choosy on who you bother to reclass and when.

MyCastle is ending up to be a lot more addicting than I thought it would. Probably because it's a great way to build supports and get cool weapons/skills.

For those interested, mine's called Skill la Skill and I offer various skills for Velour, Beruka, Azura, Kaze, and Mozu. I made it easy to get through, with the only real opposition being Stone Golems.
Well, I went Hoshido first. Basically because I like Hinoka and Sakura a lot. Made a female Corrin with reddish hair, because I like how the short female Corrin looks far more than I like male Corrin. Married Rhajat during that one. Finished it already and I'm now about to get on Chapter 17 of Conquest with the same character. Married Silas this time through although I kinda regret it a bit. I thought it made a bit of sense, since both Kana and Sophie mentioned flowers with F!Corrin in their C support. I'm also on Normal Casual, because the first time through, I wanted to get used to the changes between Awakening and Fates, and I'm still on it because I used the Branch of Fates option instead of playing the first five missions over again. Honestly, it's actually a good thing, since I've been sick most of the time I've had the game, so I haven't been in the right mindset anyway, but whatever.

Birthright feels like Awakening, money is plentiful, very easy to build supports in overworld fights. Kirika(Corrin) killed the final boss in two turns with an assist from Ryoma. In Conquest, I've been using the exp dlc to build up supports between varying level characters. So far my highest level characters are the royal siblings, Silas, Selena, Odin, and Laslow.
Bought the cartridge for hoshido, ended up completing nohr first. Just got the dlc for revelations, currently working on it now.
I should also mention that for 7 and a half months since this post I have been fighting for an european release date. After that, I fought a week for a SE pre-order. IT'S FINALLY OVER LOL >.<
I'm currently 45 hours into Revelation, but really, I'm only at chapter 21. Got Special Edition, btw. I've spent the last 10+ hours pairing supports up, getting skills to pass on, and doing the Paralouges. Still have seven paralouges to do. After I get them all done, I'll finally progress in the story.

EDIT: Scratch that. I'm a 53 hours. Good news, I did all the paralouges. Only Effie and the Corrin exclusives are without children. Bad news is part of me wants to get a bunch of supports between the kids before returning to plot. If I resist the urge, I can move on to chapter 21.