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Full Version: Player Tier List
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Remember when this was actually a thing?

Oh yeah, totally Wink

"E Rank
...wait just what
lol instead of doing this, just redo a new list so we can all whine about our ranks!
(Also, you should've linked Kaishin's one, it was more complete and had little descriptions for everyone)
i couldnt find it. though i can try to find it later on tonight (if someone else hasnt found it by now)
There it is.

I must've skipped over it entirely while I was half-sleepy.

That's prob better than the one i linked anyway
Someone needs to do a new one and only consider current active players, so we can laugh at it and forget it in a week
True. That's what we did last time, anyway.
Hey Shad, mind whipping one for today's players?

Could be nice to have a barometer.
why don't you do it? xD
I could, but I don't really have the time to analyze today's players and put them all on a barometer. Plus, Shad's done it before, so he knows what exactly to do.

I'd say the last set of tournaments is probably a good start, and maybe work from there.
I just created the F Rank of Fail xD
Nah, I've seen worse players. You're not by any means good, but you're certainly better than some I've seen. ._.
If I played still I would be at the bottom of the tiers. lol
Well you haven't played in like 5-6 years, and even then, there isn't enough matches to be able to tell anything about how good you are.

So I'd probably consider you unranked at that point.
Nominating myself for dead center tier since pretty much everyone who's played 100 games with a 50% win rate or higher is most likely better than me even if I beat them.