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Full Version: Seeking Long Term Partnership: Social RP
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Paige is looking for a person/people to travel with as she ventures across Elibe to expose more secrets of the Empire. This RP will be to meet up with folks, get to know them, etc. before possibly heading into some RP (not necessarily my own).
. . . . . . . .so I was going to post in Secrets of the Empire something about Wolfram volunteering to accompany Paige, but I never did. Now, I could just have him meet up later, but I was thinking Wolfram would have trouble hiding his ulterior motives and/or magic for long. But I could separate the whole group and have Shad offer his aid, while his bodyguard go to Bern on his behalf and Wolfram goes off on his "become the next Dark Druid" thing.

I have some plans for Shad that work better the longer he stays in Lycia and this should help him to better gauge the state of the Empire with the perspective of someone calls Lycia home.
Quote:I was thinking Wolfram would have trouble hiding his ulterior motives and/or magic for long.

Which would make an interesting few RPs. Paige and Wolfram would be a perfect fit for the task of uncovering hidden history of the Empire. They'd likely be good friends, so she would trust Wolfram and his extracurricular studying at first. That would be until she finds finds out what exactly he's trying to do. That confrontation likely would end up with Paige being harvested for quintessence, so perhaps this is a good thing!

Shad works too. He seems to have some powerful enemies that he'll have to deal with (judging from your sprite thread), so at least the journey won't be dull. The Church may already be on Paige's trail, so they're going to be busy for a while.
Ambrose is available. Though he's starting to build up an assassin's guild, he does need to do some positive PR control, and to start he needs to hit the Empire's PR hard.

Perhaps Paige could join?
Paige would be hesitant in joining an assassin guild. As a future historian, she would prefer to stay neutral in the conflict. That being said, the church is on her trail; she's afraid she will be killed before she releases her book. She could be convinced to team up with Ambrose and distribute her findings piecewise.

I would like to RP that out, though I'm not sure how they will meet. Paige is trying to be a bit cautious about meeting strangers at the moment. Having Shad around would give her additional security.
Ambrose did kill a couple people in a church. Might be he needs to become aware of the consequence of that. Like bounties. And the people that hunt them. And the authority of a militant church.
That could work. Here's my pitch:

Word reaches Paige that the church has taken over her former workplace. She is taking shelter in a village (the one she helped save in "The First of Many"), looking for a mercenary or two to travel with in preparation to travel around Elibe. She runs into Shad. They find out that the church has sent a force into the village to supposedly find her (they're really after Ambrose). That's when they run into Ambrose and hide in an abandoned building. While waiting out the patrol, they get to talking about all the stuff.
I like that idea. Shad would help her because he has just as much cause for them to apprehend him. Someone is bound to let his magic talents/noble roots slip if asked.
Sounds good to me. Lez duit! *skyward punch*

"Manhunt" is up and ready for posting.

This is still a thing, right?
Yes, but I'm doing stuff during the week. I tend to post on weekends mostly.
Go ahead and skip me this round guys, I've got nothing to add, and low muse on top of that. v.v
Fixing to start wrapping things up for this RP. If you guys want to skip to the fence, I'm fine.
Posted, finally. Yeesh, I'm not good with that.
If there's nothing else, that should be my last post. I'll leave the RP open if you guys want to leave any closing posts.
I think that was my last post.
Yeah, mine, too. This was fun.

On to an IRP?
Sure, but I'm not confident I'll be able to run one with my busy schedule at the moment. If I do, it may be slow between posts.