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Full Version: Auctions!
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So, I am going to try to post auctions every Monday now.

No guarantees that they will go up every Monday, as I may be busy. If I am busy, they will be up Tuesday or Wednesday at the absolute latest.

From time to time I may also put a set up on Thursdays after the Monday auctions are over. No telling when it might happen...
Even if there's one up on every Monday, I definitely welcome the increasing frequency and regularity of auctions. And just the thought makes me want to farm Gauntlets straight away...
I think I had previously set them up to appear once every 2 weeks, back when i was managing the auctions. Well, with some exceptions of course (such as 1-day holiday auctions, special occasions, etc), but yeah that's how it was supposed to be.

Then I kinda got away from posting them.

Fensti, if you don't post them Monday, I'll do it for you. (If I can remember to at least. That's my biggest problem when I did the auctions. ._. )
Yeah, I get the feeling remembering may be the hardest part. Haha. And you did have it down for every other week but I felt doing them more often will hopefully entice more people to play and get money to try the auctions.
Yeah, I gotcha. I'll help out whenever.
I forgot to post em on Monday, so I posted them Tuesday.

Enjoy the reavers!
all mine
There was supposed to be auctions last week, but i missed it entirely.

So christmas has come a day early for you folks.
Auctions are up!

Just as a note, I will be withholding Status Staves from this auction and future auctions from here on out. I've heard numerous complaints about their use, and after years of seeing them in play, I highly discourage their use. If you really want status staves, you'll have to get them through normal means. As such;

Miracle replaces Fear
Recover replaces Sleep
Physic replaces Seal
Regeneration replaces Silence.
Sounds good to me. Updated the sets in the other thread.