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Full Version: Customizable Field Sprite for Lord Units?
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I assume it's okay to just toss suggestions into this subforum since there doesn't seem to be a FETO-specific suggestion subforum.

So, I know the sprite uploads are currently broken, but I was thinking if they are ever fixed/the new FETO gets done, Lord Units should be allowed to have a custom field sprite to represent them and have them stand out more from the rest of the group. The reason being that they've always had a unique appearance compared to the rest of the units in the canon games.

I was also thinking only Lord units should have this feature since it'd likely get annoying if people were able to place a misleading sprite on every single unit on the field (like making everyone look like the Soldiers class or whatever) and making it difficult to recognize what you're fighting at a glance.
The issue with this is that we need to know what units we are facing, someone could submit a General sprite while the class is a hawk archer or something. :o
I was afraid something like that would be the problem.
Shouldn't be a problem if you can clearly read the *original* class name. And look at the stat spread to be able to tell what kind of unit it is. Surely a general shouldn't possibly be able to have 101 avoid. ._.
Right, looking at the stats would give away that something is very off about the unit, and I assume everyone uses the unit's stat window to figure out what units are supposed to fight it...

I haven't gotten to the point where I can have teams of promoted units, yet, but do the varying Giant Square of Color promoted units cause any sort of problems? (Or does no one ever use those because of reasons?)
They dont cause any issues really besides the fact they're just ugly square blocks of uglyness, lol. xD
So does that mean there can be a chance of having it as a feature?
While I agree this would be cool, I'd have to say no to this idea for now. Custom class name and the higher base stats and growths will have to do for now.