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Full Version: Promoted Teams tournament
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8 team promoted tournament. Seeding and teams will be randomized. Single elim and best of 1.

Starting gold will be 12000 and wins will give 2000 more.

(02-27-2015, 12:10 PM)Falaflame Wrote: [ -> ]Sands of Time
Sacred Stone
Garden Castle
Battlegrounds (6p)
Below Freezing (5p)

Those are some good 4 player maps if you need them.
Copy and pasting it here.
Hurrah for team tourneys!

Any info on deadlines to ready up and kick inactive players?
Once the Promoted one fills up there will be a day or two for everyone to get ready then I will kick people who aren't ready.
So is anyone else going to join this? We have 3 spots up for grabs.
Copied from my post in unpromo tourny, just so it's taken into consideration in this tourny too.

(03-12-2015, 08:53 PM)Fredmir Wrote: [ -> ]Sorry for double post =/

(02-27-2015, 05:34 PM)fensti Wrote: [ -> ]I think will be Garden Castle since it is nice and symmetrical. For a best of 3 setup I would probably expand the list to the following:

Forest Temple
Garden Castle
Sacred Stone
Sands of Time

Nice and Symmetrical maps, where teams are split like that, gives a little much of an advantage to Orange-Red team, Blue or green quickly end up being cornered by the two others while his teammate has to run to try to help.

in 2/3 battles right now, we can see that it happened. And 3rd one is filled with 3 newbies, so I wouldn't really count it as a good exemple.

Forest Temple at least doesn't split teammates, so cornering 1 teammate is impossible.

Sacred Stones doesn't attract me much, but probably looks playable, for the same reason as Forest Temple.

Sands of time looks good I think, we used it in an unofficial tourny we tried once.

else, I think Bow of the Wind and Hero of the West both looks playable too, even if Orange is really far in the latter.
Anyone not readied by 6 PM EDT tomorrow night will be kicked from the tournament.
Alright so it appears the final spot has finally been taken. Good luck to anyone and whoever they get paired with!
Looks like I forgot to put the points in for winning a match. Might be able to do something about that, though probably not since I can't get into the database.
Just did all the prizes for this tournament.