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Full Version: Status Staff Revamp/Removal
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There was a topic about this on the old forum, and I'm bringing it back up in light of the past few promoted matches.

These need to go, or they need to be massively overhauled. Don't even try to justify their use. They're entirely too broken for fair use right now. The only status staff that can be considered close to balanced is the Fear staff, and even then, that has its own balancing issues.

I know a lot of people here make comparisons to Pokemon, so I will make one too. Statuses are stupid in Pokemon too. Freeze hax is probably the most stupid of them all. But good god, at least GameFreak gave us the decency to at least PLAY AROUND THEM.

We don't have that luxury here.

So we need to figure out how we can set up FETO so status isn't an insurmountable imposing challenge.

I've already discussed class-specific immunities to one specific status. Like,
-WTA2 foot weapon units (Ranger, Hero, Warrior, Infantry) being immune to Blind
-Dual-tome BMages (such as Chaos Knight) and physical staff units (including unpromote Troubadour) immune to Silence
-Seraph Knight and Peregrine Knight being immune to Seal
-BMage Anti-Crit Promotes immune to Sleep.
-Staff Peg Mage Promotes immune to Poison
-??? Promotes immune to Freeze.

I've also discussed class-specific skills to play around status, such as,

-Sleep statused units being able move and attack under the sleep condition, but with an entirely random weapon, like Sleep Talk in Pokemon.
-A class skill that cuts status staff accuracy by 50% (if you have 100% hit, you have 50% hit, likewise if you have 56% hit you have 28% hit)

Additionally, I've thought of various other status ailments to replace the ones we have, such as burn (-X amount of pow), confusion (makes your weapon choice selection entirely random, with X% of backfire), and paralysis (-X amount of speed).

But beyond that I haven't really been able to think of much. This is what this thread is for.
Having specific immunities forces us to make our teams in certain ways. If you want to make this like league of legends with defined roles, that's fine. Just know that defined roles are the consequence of what you plan to do.

The sleep talk idea seems too random.

The status-resistant class doesn't help much. Consider this: one of the main arguments against staves is that despite low hit they are still a 20% chance of winning the game. This argument is generally used when staving something with high RES. For low RES, they are much more accurate. Reducing the status accuracy on this class forces us to make the class in one of two ways, with one of two consequences:
1. We RES-dump (and LCK and DEF-dump, since it is status evasion), which means that the accuracy is still above 0% and the issue is the same.
2. We invest heavily in RES (and possibly LCK and DEF), which forces the unit to be built a certain way. Absolutely immunity this class should have, not 50%.
Either way, you force people to use a class that will most likely be total garbage in any fight without staves. By extension, why would people try staving this unit when there are five better targets?

Bottom tier trash can join the Magister party.

If you want to build on this, make them resistant to something of every type. They can be immune to ALL status, so no blind, freeze, or poison. In addition, maybe they can have immunity to the primary damage dealers: S-ranks (both types), Killers, and Braves. Those straight up would not work on this class.

Hell, you might as well save yourself some trouble and go even further by simply tacking this ability onto the Magister and its dark and light counterparts.

+30% CEV, immunity to status, undamaged by killers, braves, and S-ranks

Edit: Also, as I said before, I think you should rebuild this game from the ground up and fix the problem with it being entirely too random before you add anything else. The phrase "the Advance Wars comparison" should remind you of what I'm talking about.
Well, certainly, something could be done. All of my ideas, while not exactly the perfect solution, is by far and away better than what we have now, because now people are using those broken status staves just because it's there. As I've said before, just because you can use it, doesn't mean you should. There's a reason why Smogon banned things like Sheer Cold and Fissure and such in Pokemon. And while I'm not a huge fan of Smogon as of late, I can see why they did.

But alas, It's something to start with.

Groundwork to forge into better ideas, that is. For example, a full-on status immunity in whole that you suggested is a start. Let's brainstorm more ideas and build on what we have at the table.
*Still votes for debuffs (debuffs as in stat minus) instead of "disabling" status". Heck, Fimb, Shimmer and Poison would make better status staves xD
There'd still be ShimKnights, though. Now with all those statuses at the tip of their fingers.

Don't change the staves. They're good as-is, and you need good Res to have a low chance of getting hit by it, which you don't have, if your DK nerf thread is any indication.
Heal/Buff staves are now based on Res of user. (Warder buff, Res buff)
Status/De-buff staves are now based on the Skl of the user. (Curate buff, Skl buff)

Staff formula: Staff hit + 1.5x User Res + User Luc - 2x Target Res - Target Def + S-Rank bonus (Res and Def buff, may change to Def + Res + Luc or 2x Res + Luc or something)

New Staves ideas:
D rank
Cost: 400
Uses: 25
Hit: 87
Range: 1~2
Reduces target HP by ceiling(max HP/4).

B rank
Cost: 1150
Uses: 15
Hit: 77
Range: 1~3
Reduces target HP by ceiling(max HP/3).

Attacking staves?! That's right. Now clerics/curates can actually defend themselves. Also alternative way for staffers to be useful. Unlike normal weapons though, they aren't countered when using these staves. However, as they are staves, they can't be equipped, so no countering.

Only thing is, staves don't need a buff. But yeah. >.>

Buffs now based on floor(user's Res/4). (may be changed)
Key Res to hit: 12, 16, 20, 24, 28

B rank
Cost: 1190
Range: 1~5
Uses: 5
Hit: 67
Lowers target's Pow/Skl by floor(user's Skl/6).
Key Skl to hit: 18, 24, 30

B rank
Cost: 1190
Range: 1~5
Uses: 5
Hit: 67
Lowers target's Def/Res by floor(user's Skl/6).
Key Skl to hit: 18, 24, 30

B rank
Cost: 1190
Range: 1~5
Uses: 5
Hit: 67
Lowers target's Spd/Luc by floor(user's Skl/6).
Key Skl to hit: 18, 24, 30

New status staves.

S rank
Cost: 3500
Range: 1~6
Uses: 5
Hit: 72
Lowers all of target's stats by floor(user's Skl/8).
Key Skl to hit: 16, 24

S rank
Cost: 1800
Range: 1~10
Uses: 7
Fully heals and restores status. Increases all of target's stats by floor(user's Res/8). (Lost Regeneration)
Key Res to hit: 16, 24
Ooh, I likey. Miracle will actually be a hard counter to Fear, and Fear's got some new buddies.
Thanks! Big Grin