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Full Version: Between Two Worlds [OOC]
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Honestly I'm not sure how many people would work for a thread like this. My guess is four, maybe five... back in the day I would usually work with four, but I can adapt. 8)


Dialogue in purple is in Eshren.

It is presently lightly raining. Selia Carnove is in a pretty well-known tavern.

Things a character just entering town by land would know:

* There were sightings of a large group of people nearby. Affiliation not known.
* The guards are welcoming (if you have a notable refugee or Bernese character), but very edgy.

Things a character just entering town by boat would know:

* Finding docking space is far easier than usual.

Things a resident or anyone who has been in Sanovar for more than a day would know:

* The town guards are very tense and nervous, but not particularly attentive.
* The mayor, a fat older guy named Garnov, is being much less of a dick lately. He's got a bit of a reputation for being an asshole.
Hey! I would like to throw my character Sergius into the mix. I haven't gotten much of a chance to RP lately, so I'm sure I'll be posting pretty frequently.
Go for it. Big Grin