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Full Version: Cosette Leroux
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Name: Cosette Leroux
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Nation/Allegiance: Born to parents from different countries--her father was a mercenary from Bern, her mother a merchant's daughter from Khathelet--Cosette currently lives in Lycia.
Appearance/Description: Of middling height, with long brown hair usually tied back in a tail. Cosette has a generally cheerful disposition, and is always enthusiastic about trying new spells. Much of her cheerful outlook is a facade, however: her younger siblings need someone to reassure them, and her parents are in no condition to do so.

Bio/Backstory: Cosette spent most of her childhood as the privileged daughter of a successful merchant who had married one of her caravan guards. Her mother, Sera, left a large number of decisions in her eldest daughter's hands--her husband, a military man to the core, concentrated on the defense of their caravans. This became especially pronounced after Sera became ill, and Cosette became the factor of the trading company. Medicine for Sera was expensive, but Cosette's business savvy kept the money flowing... at least, until the war broke out and the trade route between Etruria and Lycia was closed off. Cosette's father was taken into Lycian custody when he protested the detaining of honest merchants, and without the money from their trade caravan to buy medicine, the Leroux family finances steadily worsened. Cosette's bitterness against the Lycian government has led her to begin considering alternate means of raising funds... up to and including espionage, mercenary action, and providing resistance movements with supplies. Thus far, she has been fairly successful in keeping her activities secret.