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Full Version: Let's roleplaying!
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Beware; I hunger!... for more RP. Anyway, that should be enough references to diffuse the tension, soooo...

I was thinking of starting up an IRP based on characters who, for whatever reason, are sick of running away (for instance, my Renata deciding to face up against the servants of the Church who want to bring her to justice after she killed a bishop). We'd all run into each other in a village somewhere in eastern Lycia, attempt to rally some peasants/town guards to our cause, and then (against all common sense telling us to run) meet our enemies (priests, soldiers, bandits, or otherwise) in glorious battle as they come down on the village from all directions. Any Insurrection character with a grudge to fulfil is invited.

Sound like fun?

1, Renata — Alusq
2, Roland — Cool Dad
Cosette — Lyon
3, Ambrose — Andy
Sign me up, my character Sergius has not seen the light of day.
Sounds good! I'll get things started once we have 3~5 characters, depending on how long it takes.
Hm. I might cook something up for this.
Oh, Ambrose is all over this.
Got it. Looks like we may be starting as soon as this weekend!

I'll leave entry open until Lyon decides which of his characters he's using and/or a fifth person wants to hop on.
Cosette Leroux will be jumping in on the side of justice. Just awaiting approval Smile
Hey, Alusq, I'm planning on switching out my character. Let's just go with Roland on this one.
I am now 100% ready to roll! Let us sally forth and fight as one!
Got it and got it. I'll start typing up the first post!
IC is up!

It begins in a village church, but if your character isn't the type to be in the church already, the commotion that happens is impossible to miss for anyone in or around the village.

edit: I assumed that I did not need to ask mod permission to post the thread since it's an isolated incident in a village that doesn't hugely affect the story (albeit not without implications), but if I did need to ask to post an IRP anyway, everyone can feel free to slap me.
First reply is up. I might still need to tweak it a bit.
Second reply is up as well.
My apologies for holding everybody up for a while. Posted a little.
All good. As long as we keep a steady pace (slow or otherwise), everything's fine. ^ш^
I think it's you or Broski up next, Alusq. Cosette went over Lyon's character limit, and after Wyvsy talked to him he decided to lose her.
Got it, got it. I /was/ wondering what was up with Lyon having three characters...
Ahhh. Okay, would've been nice to have been informed. Thanks a bunch.
Posted yesterday, let's get this going again.
Sorry for the hold-up; I keep going to post here but it's always when I don't have much time. Posting tomorrow so we can keep the ball rolling.

Edit: and post is go. Quite a bit happens fairly quickly for one post but it's good to get things moving.
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