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Full Version: Weekly Splice Competition (Reboot) R12 Voting
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-You must use least 1 piece of every mug.
--You may not use pieces from other mugs that aren't in the set.
-No mass customizing. You may do small customizing to make it look good/work. (ex: Shadings)
-You may use any color palette you want (this is the part when you can use other mugs...for their colors).
--But use common sense... don't use something like 50 colors xD (usually 15-16 max)
-One entry per person. You may change your entry tho.

-The winner will be determined by voting.
-YOU MAY NOT VOTE FOR YOURSELF! (even I don't think that anybody here is that low)
-Winner of each round chooses the next set.
But no jerking around like choosing mugs whose body and head sizes and angles are completely different.
(ex: Ismaire, Fae and Gheb)

R12 - Courtesy of the previous winner: Pura!
[Image: 2w36yax.png]
Set: Brigand and "Julians"

Voting Deadline: October 14th, 2014 (bonus day since I posted it late~)


[Image: 5mgde.png] - Pura
[Image: WMRmpHw.png] - Alusq
I don't like either I abstain D:
Alusq does have this one in the bag btw.
"so is Lusqy actually going to remember to submit the next contest set?" nah, I'm just letting things simmer for a moment so we can get that nice fermented flavor before proceeding. Not like we've been a bustling place in the past few months anyway, mirite

[Image: 9zBAdLz.png]
I can just post it here, right? Hopefully these guys' angles aren't too much at odds with one another.
They seem like they'll work, I'll have it up this weekend~