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Full Version: To Newbies: Reminder on the registration process.
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I weeded through the activation queue, and found a surprisingly good amount of activations that went unnoticed. So I've activated the accounts that I felt weren't bots. There were some potential accounts that were hinging on 50/50 chances that I feel I shouldn't take chances on.

Anyway, I've posted this as a reminder that, if you register, immediately post in this forum to request your forum activation. Do NOT request FETO activation in that forum. Instead, you go to this thread to request activation on the (old) forums, which grants you access to FETO.

This is a very confusing roundabout way of doing things, and I'm sorry for all the confusion, but there isn't much we can do about it. The Captcha system sucks, and FETO, as well as the main site, being tied to the old, outdated, and breaking down IPB platform is doing us no favors whatsoever. So the one thing I ask of everyone, members and guests alike, is to be patient.

Thanks for your time.
And then I'm the only one who really does the FETO (oldforums) activation so you might have to sit tight for a bit if I'm not on for a day. Don't worry, I check this a couple times a day when I am around.