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Full Version: Weekly Splice Competition (Reboot) R11
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-You must use least 1 piece of every mug.
--You may not use pieces from other mugs that aren't in the set.
-No mass customizing. You may do small customizing to make it look good/work. (ex: Shadings)
-You may use any color palette you want (this is the part when you can use other mugs...for their colors).
--But use common sense... don't use something like 50 colors xD (usually 15-16 max)
-One entry per person. You may change your entry tho.

-The winner will be determined by voting.
-YOU MAY NOT VOTE FOR YOURSELF! (even I don't think that anybody here is that low)
-Winner of each round chooses the next set.
But no jerking around like choosing mugs whose body and head sizes and angles are completely different.
(ex: Ismaire, Fae and Gheb)

R11 - Courtesy of the previous winner: Ghosty Kun!
[Image: b903b7eb1ddf5a7cdcd1e03d3a2e255e.png]
Set: Lloyd, Hayden and Harken

Deadline: September 23rd, 2014
Extension plis? >:

done and done~
Hmm... I guess I could try do something... WHO DARES TO CHALLENGE THE ALL-MIGHTY NUBLET!?
Heads-up: the Harken on the set sheet has the background color as one of his armor colors. Looks good, actually, but I digress Just in case someone's taking the mugs right out of the first post. Harken joins Fiora in the niche category of "characters who have green armor in my headcanon".

I'm making a thing for this— here's to hopefully completing it this time!
[Image: O9DHFcn.png]
I saw Hayden's hair and frown and Harken's eyes and just couldn't un-see Zhuge Dan (Dynasty Warriors). I may have gone overboard on the trim, but the shoulder pads are Harken's cut off at the middle part and the clothing is Lloyd/Hayden's.
I'm in too~
[Image: k15s1.png]
Although Sqawl Alusq's sprite is hella impressive. o:
In case I'm not able to finish in time...
[Image: d5u9d.png]
Not really what I wanted to do in the first place but since I suck, I... Just... Couldn't... Make... Spikes... On... The... Jacket... Work...RRRGH...
Thanks Sol Ghost! wot u say we stop that wee charade now eh m8 I dig your splice's palette btw

@Pura Harken's spikes /are/ surprisingly hard to use, aren't they? I said "never again" to those after trying to use them for spiky shoulders and ending up with vaguely-triangular blobs. xD
Yeah... they ended up looking just weird and after few minutes of experimenting, they ended up looking even more weird so... yeah, abandon the spikes!

Updated entry (on my previous post... nothing major) and uploaded few different "versions" of the entry.