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Full Version: Weekly Splice Competition (Reboot) R9 Voting
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-You must use least 1 piece of every mug.
--You may not use pieces from other mugs that aren't in the set.
-No mass customizing. You may do small customizing to make it look good/work. (ex: Shadings)
-You may use any color palette you want (this is the part when you can use other mugs...for their colors).
--But use common sense... don't use something like 50 colors xD (usually 15-16 max)
-One entry per person. You may change your entry tho.

-The winner will be determined by voting.
-YOU MAY NOT VOTE FOR YOURSELF! (even I don't think that anybody here is that low)
-Winner of each round chooses the next set.
But no jerking around like choosing mugs whose body and head sizes and angles are completely different.
(ex: Ismaire, Fae and Gheb)

R9 - Courtesy of the previous winner: Fredmir!
[Image: i5rdYR5.png]
Set: Saul, Roland, and Noah

Voting Deadline: August 16th, 2014


[Image: 23msg04.jpg] - Speedy - IX

[Image: YoungDaren_zps23d9cc3c.png] - Swift_Assassin

[Image: mD1Jwxg.png] - Alusq
Wow. This one is pretty damn close.

I'm having trouble deciding. All three are spliced very well, and at first glance, I don't see any problems. However, I've been looking at all three, and I've identified a problem with each one. Speedy's has the point where the bangs part, due to not looking well shaded enough in my opinion. Swift's has to do with the splicing on of Saul's shoulder-sash, lines are too bold of a color. With the light colors and especially white, the other shades must be a similarly light shade. And Alusq's mug has the mouth and the eyebrows looking improperly shaded, in addition to the shoulder-sash-thing looking odd. I don't think that third color works with it, same as Swift.

However, I think I'm going to go with Speedy. The hair-part bothers me, but it was part of Saul's mug to begin with.

I must admit, though, I liked the custom mouth on Alusq's. It was just weirdly shaded on the darker part of the face. Dat lip, man.
Swift's got my vote, mainly due to the coloration of Alusq's they seem to "pop" a bit too much. I loved the use of Roland's neck-thingy as a visor though.

And We have our Winner, Swift may PM me the next set~