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Full Version: [Game] What you would have said had you been there!
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Basically, this is going to be an amusing little topic for us folks that have been around for more than one RP or iteration of this site.

[b]Name of RP[/b]: The name of the RP the thread took place in.
[b]Character name[/b]: The name of your character in that RP.
[b]Thread name[/b]: Name of the thread that you did not join.
[b]Situation[/b]: Context of your quote.
[b]What you would have said[/b]: Exactly what it says.

For me:
Name of RP: Radiance of Elibe
Character name: Fley/Garen Pryce
Thread name: Fangs of the Two-Faced
Situation: Characters are showing off combat prowess on sandbag dummies in order to gauge each other's abilities.
What you would have said: "Look, I know we were hired to protect this place and all, but I've decided that I'm not comparing cocks with a bunch of kids."