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Full Version: Roland Summer
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Name: Sir Roland Summer, Knight of Pherae, Ostia, and the Three Covenants, Guardian of Maidenhood, Protector of the Innocent, Champion of the Poor
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Nation/Allegiance: Formerly Ostia, now Sacae, Pherae, and Old Lycia
Appearance/Description: A truly impeccable specimen of human beauty, Roland stands like an ancient Etrurian statue sculpted out of the finest marble in all of its boyish, athletic glory. His cascading locks sit poised atop his head, golden in color, with two large, innocent eyes set beneath them in deepest brown. His face remains youthful, albeit chiseled, and almost miraculously unmarred by hundreds of jousts, thousands of practice bouts, and tens of minutes of live combat.

Roland dons a gleaming set of cavalry armor in battle, red in color, and always perfectly polished. His typical daily attire has shifted slightly as he has now been afforded little luxury during life on the steppes of Sacae, choosing to wear a thick white shirt , woolen pants, and thick leather. Although he has been made to compromise his fabric choices due to climate and availability, he still wears his clothing proudly.

Bio/Backstory: Named after one of the Eight Legendary Heroes, Roland has all of the valor and little of the humility. Second son of a minor noble house in Pherae, Roland was trained in mounted combat for quite some time, always looking to become one of the noble knights of Pherae. Always the best but rarely the brightest, he quickly impressed his masters in both sheer talent and true recklessness. He was heralded as one of the best jousters, and was truly the joy of every fair and tournament in the land. Perfectly chivalrous and dashingly handsome, Roland was the stuff that legends are made of, and the kind of knight that causes noble maidens everywhere to swoon.

This was eventually his downfall. Every five years, Pherae sends their three best knights to Ostia in a show of goodwill, a new tradition that occurred after the War with Bern. These knights form part of an honor guard that defends the Ostian royal household. Referred to as the Knights of the Three Covenants, they are pledged to devote their lives to the protection of the direct descendants of House Ostia. The recent crop of knights, of which Roland was a part of, came to Ostia close to two years from present date, and were strongly indoctrinated to be beacons of goodwill and support for the emperor, a sort of pacifying gift from Marquess Pherae. Thus, Roland began his duties for the emperor's household, still competing in tournaments, and catching the eye of one girl in particular.

Lenora was more than a simple noble. She was the emperor's flesh and blood, fair of both skin and hair, with a beauty truly unmatched by any creature on God's earth. The Saint herself seemed to have sculpted her to match Roland, and the two crossed when she gifted him a token of hers before a fierce competition. During the bout, Roland was struck off of his horse, but her token, he believes, kept him safe from harm, and allowed him to crush his opponent even as he was unhorsed. Both of them, along with the entirety of the court, could feel courtly love blossoming, but neither of them had the courage to ask any sort of permissions.

No man would ever justify or bless the marriage between a guardsman and a noblewoman. Alas, she was truly the most beautiful woman Roland had seen in his life, and an honorable and suitable dedication for all of his tournament victories. He would be her champion, if only he could. Thus, consumed by the fires of passion and the swelling heart he had for his beloved, Roland escaped in the middle of the night, abandoning his post and flinging himself into a self-imposed exile on the plains of Sacae, leaving only a love letter behind. He has braved the wilds for close to eight months, only now emerging into Lycia to rally behind the banner of Yul, Eritrea, Bern, and any other Imperial enemies he could possibly find, in order to crush the emperor and verify his love for Lenora, a desperate and chivalrous attempt to save her from her evil cousin.