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Full Version: Secrets of the Empire
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Paige is researching the origins of the Lycian empire. Going to Ostia is rumored to be suicidal. Naturally, the next best destination for information would be her hometown Pherae. Pherae has (had?) been a long time ally of Ostia for over a century. If there was any information on the latest ruler of Elibe, it would be here.

Paige works as the librarian of Castle Pherae, so she has easy access to their archives. It’s just a matter of hunting down the right books. The focus of her current research is who. Who is this man known only by his title that is shaping Lycia’s future? She plans to delve into the bloodline of Ostian rulers to see if she can delve any clues from that. With any luck, Paige will not only uncover the name of the emperor, but also enough information to lead her to more answers.

NOTE: I am working with WyvernSlayer as to what can be revealed. I can definitely say something will be uncovered. Because of this, this will likely be listed as IRP, though it will feel like a social. I don't plan on any battles here.

Any interested parties? Plot is still in development, so comments and suggestions are welcome Smile.
Hmm....Yes. But...I don't know who to bring. Shad's currently there and can perhaps offer his assistance...but Wolfram would be better for sorting through books. Unfortunately, having Wolfram and Shad in the same place would be a bit weird. Plus there's the whole, 'he's a mage' thing. If there was a way I can do both that'd be great, but I'm not sure if that's okay.
I'm OK with both showing up. Shad is already in the area, so as long as he doesn't say anything about his heritage, he's good. Wolfram could tag along with Shad to assist. In reality, he would use Shad and Paige as a way to get into Pherae's library in search of quintessence-related books.
I hate that I didn't realize at first the implications of his research. I completely blanked on Morphs and all that until just a couple of days ago. He wouldn't exactly look just for quintessence-related stuff, because he hadn't discovered the term yet. Perhaps he will.
Now that the previous RP is done, are you still game for this one? I'm trying to figure out how to start things. I assume this will take place a day or two after The First of Many. Paige can run into Shad in the castle town, tell him of her research, escort him to the castle, and go from there. Thoughts?
I'm good with that.
I hope to have it up by Thursday.
Do you have room for someone else? Research in a library sounds perfect for my second character, Tareya.
om nom nom I wish to join as well.
Both accepted. I'll get to work on the first post soon.

And we're live. http://forums.feplanet.net/thread-413.html
Well this one seems rather interesting, have room for one more?
Looking at the profiles, I'm not sure how well the Autumns will fit in. If you can think of a reason they'll want to accompany Paige to the castle library, then OK.

I'm closing sign ups now.
Oh it wouldn't be both of them going just so you'll know.
Hey, been a bit busy for a couple days. I run an anime club and I had to prepare for the new anime for the current season. I'll post ASAP, but I gotta go run the club now. It'll be late tonight, early tomorrow at the earliest. Sunday at the latest.
I kept putting it on the backburner due to real life issues, but I managed to get a post up.
Reading your post, I feel like this might be a little ambiguous. I didnt enter the same place as yours and 2g's characters.

Oh, and don't worry about being late. Shit happens. I've been ragging on people about it but I really shouldn't have. It's whatever. Just so long as you don't completely bail.
I'll have a post later this week. Just a tad busy.
I did not forget about this place. I've been busy with school and such. I'll try and get something out this weekend.
I totally thought I had already posted this here but apparently it was all in my mind.

Skip me this round. My post would mostly amount to "Tareya is unconscious" and that seems like it's best just left as skipping me this round.
Okay, everyone from this point on Klara is an NPC. I will still be controlling her throughout the RP, but she will no longer be involved in critical points.
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