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Full Version: Baldric Maesalyn
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Name: Baldric Maesalyn

Age: 26

Gender: Male

Nation/Allegiance: Etruria

[Image: baldric_maesalyn_by_jmcaskey257-d7pe7se.png]
Baldric Maesalyn is clean shaved man with sharp facial features and a distinct jaw line. His hair is combed to an extent, yet it retains a hint of disorder, and his hair is the same crimson color that runs through the Maesalyn family. Baldric stands at a height of 5'10" with an upright and rigid posture drilled into him after years of etiquette lessons. He adorns a black tunic with silver buttons and tan trim arrayed in two columns on his chest. He wears a matching set of trousers and boots. Also, he wears on his right shoulder a pauldron along with a blue cape that lays across both shoulders and flows freely behind him. Baldric wears gloves on his hands to hide a set of burn scars obtained in his childhood.

Personality: Baldric is a disciplined, clever and patient man. With his education and training, he evaluates a situation before acting, and often finds amusement to plan out situations that aren't relevant. He calls it "playing chess with himself." This has provided an ability to plan and change plans quickly. He works well under pressure. His social bearing reflects his personality, disciplined and patient, however his emotions are closely guarded. On the outside he appears indifferent or passive which creates a barrier separating him from his friends and peers. Inside he is lonely and often exhausted from wearing the guise of passivity, separating his head for his heart which was necessary as an officer in the army, and as a noble of Etruria.

Bio/Backstory: Baldric is the eldest son of the late Walder Maesalyn, a respected nobleman of a small province in southern Etruria. Walder Maesalyn was the second son of Luka Maesalyn and served in the Etruria army as an officer. A powerful sage in his prime, Walder rose to claim a seat in a War Council gaining power and honor for the Maesalyn House, however, his tour of duty was cut short when his brother, head of the family at the time, fell ill and died. He resign his position in the Military and claimed the Family Title. Not long after, he met Silva Goldric, second eldest daughter to a rich nobleman of a province in western Etruria, and they fell they fell in love and were wed. In wake of the wedding, the news a child was on the way brought joy to the family. Soon Baldric Maesalyn was born.

Baldrics upbringing was average for nobles. A life of many pleasantries. Baldric displayed an extraordinary source of magic, nearly razing his bedroom to ashes, at the age of 4. When Baldric was 6 and the family was in Bern visiting friends, Baldric's mother gave birth to another fair red haired Maesalyn child, a girl, to Baldric's dislike, but nonetheless family. She was given the name Lorraina, but on the road back to Etruria through Lycia, their caravan was attacked. When the smoke cleared and bandits driven off, Walder found the noble wagon ransacked, Baldric unconscious, and hands scorched and raw from a fire spell used improperly in defense of his newborn sister, and the newborn child Lorraina was missing never to be found to the families dismay.

Soon after, his cousin Donnell, son to Walder's younger brother Gregor, fostered at Maesalyn Manor and grew along side Baldric. they shared an uncanny similarity in appearance which was a boon to the manor staff for they became inseparable and displayed a knack for mischief. They attended class together learning language, history of the land, etiquette, and combat skills. When the boys grew of age, Baldric and Donnell commissioned into the Etruria Army parting ways. In two years, Baldric took command of small platoon and eliminated a significant bandit threat in the eastern mountain ranges earning a commendation and a promotion. His magical prowess surpassed that of his father gaining the curiosity of other commanders. Serving as Adjutant to a company commander of a magic artillery division, Baldric is visited by his friend Donnell carrying news. Donnell discloses information that a girl of crimson hair and resemblance to the Maesalyn family lives in a small village in Eastern Lycia. Jubilant at the news, Baldric takes a leave of absence and sets off with Donnell into Lycia. they arrived at the town but only found ashes, for it had been razed to the ground. After searching the surrounding area, Baldric left Lycia depressed and discourage as the possibility that his sister Lorraina lives slipped away.

Two more years passed and Baldric rose to command the artillery battalion and Donnell served as a platoon commander under him when tragedy struck. Walder and Silva Maesalyn was found stabbed in their chambers. Lordship fell to Baldric Maesalyn at the medgar age of 23, but more troubling was the possible plot against the Maesalyn House. He returned to the Maesalyn Holdfast only to find his uncle, Greggor, at the seat of power. Greggor offered him the opportunity to stay in the Etruria Army and relinquish title of Lord to him. Baldric fled before Greggor could demand an answer. Running back to his commands headquarters, he assumed command again and turned his troops towards the Maesalyn Province. Hoping his uncle will surrender quietly at the sight of a heavily armed battalion on the horizon, he halted his troops in sight of the holdfast and sent a message to his uncle giving him until dawn of the next day to surrender, but when night came mutiny struck as Donnell led the majority of Baldric's troops against him and a small but loyal company. Escaping with only a handful of men, Donnells betrayal had been a success bolster the troops at in Maesalyn Province and securing his father's rule.

Running east into the mountains, Baldric, enraged and hurt by his uncle and cousins betrayal, sought out help from neighboring nobles and the military, but with the size of the army now in the Maesalyn Province and the now growing tension with the Lycian Empire, a military intervention would promote political insecurity leaving Baldric stuck, but not beaten. From the mountains, Baldric and his men began unconventional strikes against his uncle. Attacking patrols, supply trains, luring enemy attackers into their familiar mountain territory and killing them decisively. Baldric was labeled a traitor and bandit by his uncle seeking assistance of his own. Neighboring nobles reluctant to help with his questionable claim to power and seeking to remain neutral, have declined to interfere pushing Greggor to enlist the help of paid mercenaries, among them included the infamous Silent Night famous for the small team dynamics and individual combat prowess. Planning a surprise attack, Donnell led a large band of soldiers and mercenaries into the mountain pass where they believed Baldric was hiding. Marching in 2 columns in the craig, Baldric ambushes the troops. Perfect position and tight quarters provided a distinct advantage to the wayward lord, but without notice, troops began to advance from the rear. Silent Night led a small incursion around as insurance. Baldric, seeing the possibility of their flank collapsing, grabbed as many troops as he could from the progressive battle and moved to take on the flank head on in hope of preventing a collapse to the bold offensive.

The battle was winding down in the craig but above it was fiercer than ever. It was clear how experienced Silent Night was as they cut down many of the Baldric's troops, but more so was one woman. Long crimson hair and slender frame, she floated around the field as if dancing, striking with the reach of her lance and then disappearing in the midst. Magic seemingly bounced off of her and her primary targets were Baldric's mages until Baldric became her target. He through fire at her and she sailed around, over and under the blast until she came face to face. Her face was familiar to say the least. Their eyes locked and Baldric was thrown off. IT was almost too late when he regained his senses, for she lunged and caught his hip and then she was gone. Searching for his opponent, he saw that the battle around him was collapsing. The troops he led to face Silent Night were almost all dead and then he found the red haired maiden. Standing jux opposed pausing. The troops around him have retreated and he was surrounded by the enemy forcing a duel with the maiden. She charged and he sent a blast of fire. Their dual was fierce. Baldrics Unrelenting offensive pushed the maiden back and her speed and maneuverability kept Baldric in a constant state of movement and dodging the rogue stab until a lucky blast caught her tunic. She screamed even after it was put out. In that moment, a voice called out. "Surrender." Baldric turned to see that He was surrounded again, but by his own men. The battle had ended in the craig, Donnell had been captured alive and his troops had come to his aid.

Taking the prisoners deep into the mountain away from the battle to Baldric's base of operations. Spending several days in a medical tent, Baldric thought of the girl, and he came to a troubling suspicion. He went to the makeshift holding to gain closure. He went to Donnell and asked about his sister. He discovered that when he went to search of his sister that he came along only to oversee his uncle's plan to kill his sister. Donnell's entourage were the men that razed the village to the ground, but they never confirmed the body and when Donnell and Baldric didn't find her he assumed that she died in the rubble, but when they hired the Silent Night, the description matched,Donnell was faced with trying to murder her again. Thats why he invaded. Either She would die and Donnell eliminated another heir to the Maesalyn title or Baldric died and she went back to Lycia and Donnells father, and eventually his, rule was secured. Baldric went to his sister to see for himself. He stood in front of her, and it was undeniable. He apologized for her burns. They were only slight and she didn't take the bandages that his cleric offered, but never the less. He had questions so man but how does he tell someone that they are his long lost sister? Stumped he just said it. He told her his story from her birth to Donnell's confession. He told her that she didn't have to help nor did her other mercenaries, but when he took back to family land, he would like her to come home.

So with the latest attack Baldric saw that now was as good a time as ever to storm the castle. He was drawing up the plans when her sister Lorraina was escorted into the tent. The Silent Night mercenaries are offering to help, but only until they took back their family home. So they began their march. Marching into Baldric's homelands was more or less, Shocking. The land had been ravaged of all food, villages in ruin, and people left broke and disheartened. The closer they got to the manor the worse it became, but also, the expected enemy troops were surprisingly absent. They made it all the way to the manor to find that the troops have been called in to the holdfast, and so the battle began. Baldric lead a team of soldiers over the wall and into the center of the holdfast. Inside, Greggor waited upon the throne, dead. Baldric discovered in the bloody mess, a small wound in his neck indicating the cause of death. Sending the troops back out to take control of the holdfast, he searched the keep, and in the next room hiding in the kitchen were the servants and on the floor was a bloodied knife. He called out to the perpetrator and a young woman stepped forward. He didn't recognize her from his time. So he is faced with a moral dilemma. He tells her to not leave the manor or she will be run down, and moves to secure the keep.

The battle ended swiftly when the enemy surrendered. Court was held for Donnell and the surviving officers all of which were convicted of treason and murder. They were all hanged. When the servant girl was brought before Baldric, Baldric was faced with a decision he couldn't put off. He heard her story. Life while he was fighting in the mountains was rough. The soldiers seized all valuables from the citizens and the produce of the farms. In the keep, the servants were under the whim a tyrant and more times than once had a servant disappeared. She admits killing Greggor, but only after her daughter was killed by his men. Baldric apologized for his families behavior and for the pain they have caused his homeland, but murder is not excusable. Baldric sentenced the woman to have her right hand cut from her arm. A mercy at least in his eyes. Lorraina stayed in the keep for a few days however she prefered to be called Eva, the name her "adopted" parents gave her. Baldric was happy to have met his sister. He tried to convince her to stay but she had her own life regardless of the life that could have been, she belonged in the mercenary life. She left promising to return in time.

A year passed, and Baldric restored order to his people. Returning valuables and providing relief services to get his people back on their feet. Reconstruction was necessary for the holdfast, the town and many of the outlying villages. Reconstruction was nearly finished when tragedy struck again. Word spread that an Etruria Spy discovered in Lycia and war was inevitable. Preparing for the worst Baldric took all aiding body men willing to leave their families and march to join the army mobilizing in the south.

With the invasion destroying the Etruria army, Baldric was forced to flee. With his in enemy hands, he and a few men who have been with him since his uncle's coup began, fled the country heading east, hoping to find his sister.