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Full Version: [WIP] FETO Unit Guide
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High Usage[Image: mercenary_mouse.gif][Image: mercenary_mouse.gif][Image: mercenary_mouse.gif][Image: mercenary.gif][Image: mercenary.gif][Image: mercenary.gif]Seldom Usage
*Units' names marked with *s see common usage in Gauntlets

Hey everyone, this is a project that I started a REALLY long time ago and haven't been able to really get back into it until now (thx to winter break). So I'll be bringing you little snippets of information on how to somewhat utilize FETO Units to their "fullest" potential.

*Disclaimer: this is not telling you what builds to use per say, this is just what I've seen work effectively, by all means do make your own builds for your units.
Battle Mages:

Alright, here we have the Battle Mage (or B.Mage for short), a unit that uses magic and has exceedingly high physical defense, that's been "marketed" to us as a physical slayer as they hit physical units where it hurts (their low res) and then hurt them again utilizing the counter skill, while minimizing the damage they themselves thanks to their high physical defenses. This is offset by their extremely low RES, so while they may be good against physical units, they are quickly swept by other magical units.

Adept*: [Image: adept_mouse.gif] Dark Kn.* [Image: darkknight_mouse.gif]Templar* [Image: templar_mouse.gif]

That's about the basis for these three units here....

War Mage/Chaos Knight/Crusader
War Mage: [Image: warmage.gif] Chaos Knight [Image: chaosknight.gif] Crusader [Image: crusader.gif]

These are the first promotion options for the three previously mentioned units, and these promotions grant them access to the tome opposite of their primary one. Either granting them higher damage output by 1-2pts or a bit more accuracy thanks to a weaker tome.
These three units function exactly like their unrpmoted counterparts save for the fact that they do not make good pursuiters as the dmg output in promotes is much higher than in unpromotes and these units have to cut a lot of hp and defenses for that spd.

Viable Builds:

Mage Knight/Wraith/Missionary
Mage Knight*: [Image: mageknight_mouse.gif] Wraith* [Image: wraith_mouse.gif] Missionary* [Image: missionary_mouse.gif]

Here we have the mounted promoted option for the three. These units tend to do fairly well in battle thanks to their new-found horse friends.
They still function the same as their unpromoted counter-parts, they now have an extended range and are able to reach their targets more quickly.
They can run roughly the same builds as the previously mentioned classes for the same reasons. They also gain +5hit upon promotion.

Magister/Death Knight/Inquisitor
Magister: [Image: magister.gif] Death Knight [Image: deathknight.gif] Inquisitor [Image: inquisitor.gif]

The final promotion options for Adept, Dark Knight and Templar. They have roughly the same stats as their predecessors and can run roughly the same builds. The difference with these classes is that they are more defense oriented than offense. They gain +15 Crit Avoid (and by extension Staff Avoid) upon promotion, meaning they are affected slightly less by these (critical hits and status staves) compared to units w/o this ability.

General B.Mage Promotions are built like so~ (Each unit is able to be built this way)
Adept -> War Mage [Bulky] DT
Stats at level 20/20
HP [2/12.5%]: 54.00
POW [2/10%]: 30.00
SKL [0/0%]: 17.00
SPD [0/0%]: 19.00
DEF [0/0%]: 26.00
RES [2/17.5%]: 24.00
LCK [0/0%]: 14.00

Templar -> Missionary [Brute] One Sided Tank
Stats at level 20/20
HP [2/12.5%]: 56.00
POW [2/17.5%]: 30.00
SKL [0/10%]: 27.00
SPD [0/0%]: 18.00
DEF [2/0%]: 27.00
RES [0/0%]: 12.00
LCK [0/0%]: 15.00
Clerics/Curates/Troubadours/Heaven Knights

Cleric*: [Image: cleric_mouse.gif] Curate*: [Image: curate_mouse.gif] Troubadour: [Image: troubadour.gif] Heaven Knight: [Image: heavenknight.gif]

Here we have the healer type units of FETO, these are the guys (usually female) that keep your other units alive with their healing staves.
In unpromoted battles their goal is to stay alive as long as possible in order to heal your other units when needed and they each do this somewhat differently.

Clerics and Curates do this by setting majority of their stats into their defensive ones and becoming as bulky as possible, usually being able to take up to three hits to be killed.

Troubadours and Heaven Kns on the other hand can usually take two hits to kill, but it's hard to land those hits against them as they usually invest most of their points into spd/lck in order to be avoidy. Being mounted also helps them to stay out of enemy range while not straying too far from your party.

Bishop*: [Image: bishop_mouse.gif]Sage*: [Image: sage_mouse.gif] Druid*: [Image: druid_mouse.gif]

These three classes here are the promotion options for the cleric class, they choose to gain either Light, Anima or Dark tomes upon promotion in addition to the staves that they already have.

They are generally built like their unpromoted counterparts, bulky and usually taking about 2-3 hits in order to be killed. Most of the time they are built with both def and res investment in order to utilize the counter and aurora skills in order to deal damage. They are also capable of using offensive oriented builds as well.

Viable Builds:
Cleric -> Druid [Bulky] Standard DT
Stats at level 20/20
HP [2/12.5%]: 54.00
POW [2/7.5%]: 30.00
SKL [0/0%]: 17.00
SPD [0/0%]: 18.00
DEF [1/20%]: 25.00
RES [1/0%]: 26.00
LCK [0/0%]: 16.00

Cleric -> Sage [Careful] "Aurora-Proof" Pursuit
Stats at level 20/20
HP [/%]: 40.00
POW [2/17.5%]: 30.00
SKL [2/7.5%]: 27.00
SPD [2/15%]: 30.00
DEF [0/0%]: 11.00
RES [0/0%]: 25.00
LCK [0/0%]: 16.00

Guardian: [Image: guardian.gif] Protector: [Image: protector.gif] Defender: [Image: defender.gif]

These three classes are the promoted options for the curate class and get their choice of either Sword, Lance, or Axe upon promotion.
Upon promotion these units are still practically built like their unpromoted counter-parts though the build may not prove to be very potent on the offensive side, but fret not because these guys have more than just one build!

Viable Builds:

Curate -> Protector [Brute] One Sided Tank
Stats at level 20/20
HP [1/10%]: 58.00
POW [2/17.5%]: 30.00
SKL [2/2.5%]: 28.00
SPD [0/0%]: 17.00
DEF [1/10%]: 28.00
RES [0/0%]: 11.00
LCK [0/0%]: 16.00

Curate -> Guardian [Careful] Designated Healer
Stats at level 20/20
HP [1/12.5%]: 60.00
POW [2/17.5%]: 25.00
SKL [0/0%]: 25.00
SPD [1/2.5%]: 25.00
DEF [0/2.5%]: 19.00
RES [2/5%]: 19.00
LCK [0/0%]: 16.00

Valkyrie/Holy Knight/ War Medic
Valkyrie*: [Image: valkyrie_mouse.gif] Holy Kn*: [Image: holyknight_mouse.gif] War Medic*: [Image: warmedic_mouse.gif]

These three classes are the promoted options for the troubadour class and get their choice of either Sword, Lance, or Axe upon promotion.
Once promoted, Troubadours gain great offensive capabilities to compliment their healing skills thanks to their luck cap of 35. They can utilize the insight skill to it's fullest potential and practically use the most heavy/powerful/inaccurate weapons with little to no consequence.

Viable Builds:
Troubadour -> War Medic [Glass Cannon] Standard Insight Troub
Stats at level 20/20
HP [0/2.5%]: 40.00
POW [2/15%]: 30.00
SKL [0/0%]: 20.00
SPD [2/2.5%]: 27.00
DEF [0/0%]: 12.00
RES [0/0%]: 14.00
LCK [2/20%]: 34.00

Dawn Knight/Skyfire Knight/Star Knight
Dawn Kn*: [Image: dawnknight.gif] Skyfire Kn*: [Image: skyfireknight.gif] Star Kn*:[Image: starknight.gif]

These three classes here are the promotion options for the heaven kn class, they choose to gain either Light, Anima or Dark tomes upon promotion in addition to the staves that they already have. When built to certain specifications these units can be quite the formidable magical walls. With WTA (and max spd) they have more avd than Hawks do, and with their superior RES they can tank and dodge incoming magical atks as well.

Viable Builds:
Heaven Kn. -> Skyfire Kn. [Seer]
Stats at level 20/20
HP [1/10%]: 50.00
POW [1/10%]: 25.00
SKL [0/0%]: 15.00
SPD [2/17.5%]: 35.00
DEF [0/0%]: 7.00
RES [0/0%]: 25.00
LCK [2/2.5%]: 27.00

Here are some of FETO's most used classes (as promotes anyway). Being primarily offensive; these units barring the fighter and soldier do not have the bulk most unpromoted units have and thus favor investment in maximum power and either skill or speed.

Archer*: [Image: archer.gif] Mercenary*: [Image: mercenary_mouse.gif] Soldier: [Image: soldier.gif] Fighter: [Image: fighter_mouse.gif]

Ranger: [Image: ranger.gif] Hero: [Image: hero.gif] Infantry: [Image: infantry.gif] Warrior: [Image: warrior.gif]


Sniper*: [Image: sniper_mouse.gif] Swordmaster*: [Image: swordmaster.gif] Halberdier*: [Image: halberdier.gif] Berserker*: [Image: berserker.gif]


Marksman*: [Image: marksman.gif] Trueblade*: [Image: trueblade.gif] Sentinel: [Image: sentinel.gif] Reaver: [Image: reaver.gif]
Scout: [Image: scout.gif] Cavalier: [Image: cavalier.gif] Raider: [Image: raider.gif] Nomad*: [Image: nomad_mouse.gif]

Nomad Trooper/Champion/Vulcan/Nomad Trooper
Scout->Nmd Trp.: [Image: nomadtrooper.gif] Champion: [Image: champion.gif] Vulcan: [Image: vulcan.gif] Nomad Trooper: [Image: nomadtrooper.gif]

Champion/Paladin/Great Knight/Paladin
Champion: [Image: champion.gif] Paladin: [Image: paladin.gif] Great Knight: [Image: greatknight.gif] Nomad->Paladin: [Image: paladin.gif]

Vulcan/Great Knight/Barbarian/Nomad->Barbarian
Vulcan: [Image: vulcan.gif] Great Knight: [Image: greatknight.gif] Barbarian: [Image: barbarian.gif] Nomad->Barbarian: [Image: barbarian.gif]
Mage: [Image: mage_mouse.gif] Monk: [Image: monk.gif] Shaman*: [Image: shaman_mouse.gif]

Mage Knight/Missionary/Wraith
Mage Knight: [Image: mageknight.gif] Missionary: [Image: missionary_mouse.gif] Wraith: [Image: wraith.gif]

Sage: [Image: sage.gif] Bishop*: [Image: bishop_mouse.gif] Druid*: [Image: druid_mouse.gif]

Savant*: [Image: savant.gif] Cardinal*: [Image: cardinal.gif] Sorcerer*: [Image: sorcerer.gif]
Pegasus Knight/Pegasus Archer
Pegasus Knight: [Image: pegasusknight.gif] Pegasus Archer: [Image: pegasusarcher.gif]

Falco Knight/Peregrine Knight
Falco Knight: [Image: falcoknight.gif] Peregrine Knight: [Image: peregrineknight.gif]

Seraph Knight
Seraph Knight: [Image: seraphknight.gif]

Hawk Knight/Hawk Archer
Hawk Knight: [Image: hawkknight.gif] Hawk Archer*: [Image: hawkarcher_mouse.gif]
Wyvern Fighter/Wyvern Rider
Wyvern Fighter: [Image: wyvernfighter_mouse.gif] Wyvern Rider: [Image: wyvernrider_mouse.gif]

Wyvern Lord/Wyvern Master
Wyvern Lord: [Image: wyvernlord.gif] Wyvern Master: [Image: wyvernmaster.gif]

Wyvern Knight
Wyvern Knight: [Image: wyvernknight.gif]

Dracolord: [Image: dracolord.gif] Dracomaster: [Image: dracomaster.gif]
Gale Knight/Lunar Knight/Solar Knight

Gale Knight: [Image: galeknight_mouse.gif] Lunar Knight: [Image: lunarknight_mouse.gif] Solar Knight: [Image: solarknight_mouse.gif]

Flare Knight/Sunset Knight/Dawn Knight

Flare Knight: [Image: flareknight.gif] Sunset Knight: [Image: sunsetknight.gif] Dawn Knight: [Image: dawnknight.gif]

Skyfire Knight/Storm Knight/Flare Knight

Skyfire Knight: [Image: skyfireknight.gif] Storm Knight: [Image: stormknight.gif] Flare Knight: [Image: flareknight.gif]

Storm Knight/Star Knight/Sunset Knight

Storm Knight: [Image: stormknight.gif] Star Knight: [Image: starknight.gif] Sunset Knight: [Image: sunsetknight.gif]

Knight: [Image: knight_mouse.gif] Guard. [Image: guard_mouse.gif]Footman [Image: footman_mouse.gif]


Chevalier: [Image: chevalier.gif] Juggernaut: [Image: juggernaut.gif]Veteran: [Image: veteran.gif]


Captain: [Image: captain.gif] Colonel: [Image: colonel.gif]Corporal: [Image: corporal.gif]


General: [Image: general.gif]

Warder: [Image: warder.gif] Pikeman: [Image: pikeman.gif] Assailant: [Image: assailant.gif] Mystic*: [Image: mystic_mouse.gif]


Agent: [Image: agent.gif] Centurion: [Image: centurion.gif] Leftenant: [Image: leftenant.gif] Valiant: [Image: valiant_mouse.gif]


Hero: [Image: hero.gif] Infantry: [Image: infantry.gif] Warrior: [Image: warrior.gif] Ranger: [Image: ranger.gif]


Guardian: [Image: guardian.gif] Protector: [Image: protector.gif] Defender: [Image: defender.gif] Clairvoyant: [Image: clairvoyant.gif]
Bumping/Making the info available for those that would probably like to see~
I never realized you posted this. My bad. Sage down. It definitely doesn't see as much use as the bish or the druid.
He actually posted this somewhere in June, but no one saw it up until now because the thread was hidden.

There's even more posts to be had, too, even before speedy's "bump" post, but they're obviously WIPs.
This is pretty awesome, good job!

Can we expect more of this in the future?
How about the new classes? and new bonuses?
Personally, I'd wait until all of the changes are in before continuing this. And before that, I'd also prioritise having a newbie guide that doesn't suck, which starts with the fact that the pre-built teams are garbage and although the Touhou characters and diversions are pretty cute they take up a loooot of space that isn't exactly helpful for a newbie reading it.