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Full Version: Pokemon X and Y
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So who else besides the FETO group play?

I have this game so I'd like to know if anyone else plays this at least occasionally.
I did, but stopped once I "caught 'em all".
I can still battle with the best of them.
I have my Y version, but not a 3DS to play it with.

I managed to breed and fully EV a Metagross and a Garchomp.
I was breeding Joltiks, but didn't manage to get a 5IV Timid with Compound Eyes.
I'm also interested in Speed Boost Scolipede and Protean Greninja.
I play the Pokemons! Big Grin

But I'm not into the whole IV breeding/EV training stuff like that. It's kinda boring, in my opinion. I'm a really casual player, haha. :3
I haven't played in months because I have a near complete living Pokedex and no legitimate way to get the remaining event-only legendaries except for trying my luck on the GTS and I'm sure as hell not starting a new playthrough if it means erasing my 700 Pokemon.
I still play quite often. I random encountered a shiny Caterpie and a shiny Burgmite! =^.^= I was so excited. XD I've never caught a shiny before. =d
I have yet to see a wild shiny pokemon other than a dunsparce but i'd rather forget about that
Shiny talk? I think I has some of them! xD (ok I have.. 43 iirc, after trading the ones from my platinum game, I caught ~20 in Y)

I stopped playing a while ago, when I'll be done with Soul Hackers, I'll probably start playing again, while I'm waiting for my brother to finish bravely default =_= I'll have to evolve all those pokemon to fill in my pokedex.
I still play pokemon X sometimes, still stalking zapdos, training a new gardevoir, because the first one was for killing spree, so she got random growths(cough stupid attack xD), and catching some eevees for the eeveelutions Big Grin (rushing for a female one because 99.9% are male, and i dont want a male sylveon)
I play every now and then. Mostly doing evolutions and such so nothing major.
I hooked a shiny horsea while fishing but I didn't realize how tough my swalot got while killing the other pokemon I hooked and he one hit k.o.'d him. v.v;; I was trying for a shiny skrelp anyway. lol
Would've made a badass Kingdra. o:
I got a shiny Zubat once.
It had a bad nature, so I traded it for a Xerneas (who also happened to have a bad nature).
I found a shiny Spinda once. I was looking for one with Contrary, and the shiny just happened to pop up. xD The shiny wasn't Contrary though; it had Own Tempo, but that wasn't important. It was a shiny. That's waaaaaaaaaaaay more important. xD

First shiny I'd found in Y too.
Once upon a time there was a shiny Aron. Wyvey caught him. He was Adamant and had Rock Head.

Now he's known as The Fear. SubPunch for days.
Is it sad the only shiny I ever found was a dunsparce? >.>

And that was in Pokemon Crystal.
(07-18-2014, 08:36 AM)Falaflame Wrote: [ -> ]Is it sad the only shiny I ever found was a dunsparce? >.>

And that was in Pokemon Crystal.

Dunsparce is awesome. D:

I would want one as a pet.
I have encountered no shinies other than the token red gyarados. Ever.
I caught a shiny Farfetch'd In Y a week ago. You better start fearing it, because when I find a stick it will rule you all as the pink Farfetch'd of doom!
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