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Full Version: Streets of Stall - The Socialing
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Fess grunted as she tried to pull Belphe along down the somewhat busy street along market row in one of Edessa's districts.

'Go get some supplies for the trips, Fess.' they said. Sure, getting some traveling goods for this errand was fine, but apparently they had not done a thing to get the pegasus ready either, and it certainly did not want to cooperate!

If the futility of trying to pull a hundreds pound beast that refused to move was not enough, her face's current redness was just as much due to the fact that lots of people were onlooking, most of them probably amused by her struggle!

"Sodding Pegasus, cooperate and this will all go faster for us both!"
Some people. Caroline couldn't help but shake her head at the shameful display happening on the street. Who was this girl, attempting to pull a pegasus down the street? Treating it as if it was some sort of common pack animal? The black haired girl must not have been a knight. Perhaps some sort of squire?

It was sad, and she could tell from the amused chortles going on around, that other people were finding the display humorous. While Caroline herself was, well... never going to be a pegasus knight (a fact that she continued to tell herself to accept over and over), something felt wrong about watching this girl struggle. As if it was somehow tarnishing the reputation.

Caroline glanced around, attempting to see if anyone else was intending to move in and assist the black haired girl. Since it didn't seem likely, she shifted her pack to her left arm (Caroline had been doing some preparing for the long road to the south) and muscled her way through the crowded streets. The armor she was wearing helped.

"You can't pull on the lead like that," she said, stepping in close to Fess and the poor animal. "You're making her nervous." Caroline's voice had a strict, authoritarian tone to it. She was, after all, correcting the error of another.
Fess was credulous of the stranger-woman who had approached and told her how to do things without even an introduction. "I do not think you know Belphe very well, he is nothing more than a stubborn mule of a pegasus, I doubt you can do anything to change that." She had, however, stopped tugging, even offering the stranger the reigns, as if daring her to do any better.
Sergius had just managed to see a sight that made him groan. Obviously this woman had some amount of money, but she had no idea how to control her animal. He hadn't touched a pegasus in years, but he was absolutely sure that he could do better than she could.

Sergius couldn't bear to watch any longer. People were starting to laugh, and it didn't seem like the other woman, the one who looked like she should've been the one caring for the pegasus, was doing much of anything, either. He walked over to the two women, nearly pushing through them, and began to poke around near the pegasus's mouth.

"Are you sure the lead lines are fixed up correctly? That might be why he doesn't want to move."
"Excuse me sir, but I've got this under control." Who was this man who had come charging in, acting as though he knew what to do? Where had he been for the past five minutes? Caroline was not amused. He was even endangering himself - rooting around near an unruly pegasus' mouth, like this 'Belphie' apparently was, was a wonderful way to be bitten.

She took the offered reigns.
Fess put her hands on her hips and looked, well, up at the other two who now apparently considered themselves experts on the matter. "Just how incompetent do you two think I am? I told you, he is simply being stubborn."

Belphe, meanwhile, had actually calmed down as he was getting more attention. He looking, perhaps expectantly, at Caroline.
Sergius could hardly believe what he was hearing. The girl had a mouth on her! She just disrespected a man of the cloth, and a quite large one at that. If she was a man and he wasn't sworn to protect the faithful, he probably would've clocked her then and there.

"If he was trained, he wouldn't be so stubborn," he said, trying to grab the reins from the hand of the other girl. Truly an ill-behaved creature. Both of them. "Come on," Sergius growled in an attempt to push forward.