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Full Version: Sergius
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Name: Sergius
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Nation/Allegiance: Born in Ilia, Allegiance to St. Elimine Church/Etruria


[Image: Bros_Spyridon_Mug.png]
Looking much more like a warrior than a monk, Sergius stands at an imposing height and size, with broad shoulders and arms as thick as tree trunks. His face is round and boyish, covered by a shaggy mess of curly, auburn hair and a long beard. A thin, pointed nose seems almost stuck between his beady, blue eyes. His face is almost permanently plastered with a juvenile grin, full of excitement and warmth.

Sergius wears a thick, woolen cassock, black in color, that drapes down to brush his feet. The long gown has billowing sleeves that cover his hands as they rest at his side. He holds the folds of the long robe together with a black sash, knot tucked in at the small of his back. Simple wood and leather traveling shoes cover his feet. His hat is a black kamilavka, in the tradition of the Ilian Eliminian Church, long and cylindrical, and widening at the top. Sergius finds it incredibly disrespectful to go without this hat, and, as such, will only take it off for sleeping.

Bio/Backstory: The fourth son and tenth child of devoted soldiers in the Ilian taiga, Sergius grew strong and broad under the guidance of his parents. His pegasus knight mother and his father, a captain in the greater ranks, trained him and his siblings daily, making sure that they were in fighting shape should the nation be at stake. His parents taught him a blind sort of devotion, not only to the Ilian nation, but to the Eliminian Church. As such, he made up his mind to give his life to the church at the age of 16. He joined a small group of monastics in the wilderness, along a handful of other old men. The old monks taught them lessons in all facets of saintly life, and they lived humbly in the monastery with little access to the outside world.

Sergius advanced quickly in his trainings in healing, light magic, church history, and the lives of the saints with a fervor unmatched by many of his peers. However, he eventually grew bored of the monastic life, and, having read of many holy pilgrims, decided to make a pilgrimage of his own. Making his way out of Ilia and into Etruria, he visited many holy sites and spent several years learning with some of the most elevated members of the clergy, purging the sins of the people, and almost gleefully accepting penance for his.

But Sergius was well aware that God had much larger plans for him. Yes, it was very obvious that he was to become the spearhead of His saint Elimine on the earth, while She was degraded by the tyrant in Lycia. During the founding of the Emperor's heresy, Sergius nearly flew down to Lycia in order to re-convert all those that had begun to follow the heresy. He performed his work in relative secret, but fled further and further south to avoid being killed. No one seemed to have the will to disobey the Emperor, and Sergius was left without a rallying point after the Eliminian church was destroyed.

He believes that not everyone can have submitted so easily to this idiocy that the Emperor continues to spout through the tainted mouths of the heretic priests. Sergius seeks to restore the church and nothing else. What is mankind's belongs to him, and what is God's should not be tainted.