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Full Version: Cinia Terranus
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Casual hat-less Cinia, c/o THE MEGA ANIME AVATAR CREATOR

Name: Cinia Terranus

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Nation/Allegiance: Etruria (fled to Western Bern)

Appearance/Description: Cinia's physique is slanted towards the slender and lithe, but it is hardly noticeable in the layers of scarlet robes she has gone to wearing ever since she fled her home. She used to take to wearing less modest clothing, but that has changed thanks to the current circumstances. Nowadays, those scarlet robes cover her entire form, and she wears a red beret on her head, concealing part of her long blonde hair which reaches down to halfway across her back. Occasionally, it may be tied into twin ponytails. The robes themselves are predominantly scarlet as mentioned before, but are accented with dark olive and are reasonably thick. It conceals a recently sharpened dagger, but Cinia is always holding a black tome on her person. She says it is just a normal book of history.

Cinia herself is more of the quiet, reserved type, but may occasionally approach others to ask questions about things she may want to know. In other words, she knows how to take initiative if she wants to, despite her seeming to be distant. That said, she seems to be lost in her thoughts most of the time. She is deeply concerned about the wellbeing of Etruria, as well as many other things that are related to the Lycian invasion. All in all, Cinia just cares too much about certain things, which can affect her social interaction with others at times. She's rarely prone to anger outbursts but at the same time she can react rather sensitively towards what people say. That said, despite her young age, she can sometimes spout out some gems of wisdom, this is in part due to her upbringing, but for the most part, she also enjoys philosophical discussion with her peers (all of which she can only assume are dead or have fled to other parts of the continent).

However, keeping her distant nature in mind, that shouldn't let anyone stop them from wanting to approach her and talk to her as long as they have a good intention, or just a desire to talk about things. She still has an approachable demeanor at the end of the day.

Bio/Backstory: Cinia was born to a family of magic practicioners. Typically speaking, the Terranus family had always specialized in the Anima arts, but Cinia was considered to be the black sheep of the family due to her lack of aptitude towards that family of magic. Instead, her parents were shocked to find that she was better with the elder arts, the dark arts so to speak. It was a weird finding and discovery to say the least, but after some time of struggling to cultivate any Anima proficiency within Cinia they gave up and decided to see what would happen if they nurtured her natural ability for the dark magics. Her speed and natural ability was basically on par with the rest of the family as expected, except it was only in the elder magic branch. Cinia's mother, Rose, attempted to study this, but despite constant trips to ask fellow practicioners and consultations at libraries, there was little she could do about it.

Resigned to their fates, Cinia was reduced to having to practice on her own while her sister received far more attention due to being more suited to the "Terranus lineage," seeing as she was capable of Anima and Cinia was not. One day, Cinia found a strange black tome that somebody had dropped. She wanted to return the tome to the stranger who dropped it, but she could never find them, even after searching a week for them. At the time, she was fourteen. Since Rose and Cinia's father had never really cared for Cinia outside of some semblance of formal education and being treated as at the very least a family member, Cinia was free to read whatever she wished and study whatever she wanted in her free time. This included the black tome she found, which she still carries around to this very day.

In fact, the tome itself contained many, many notes. Many of them were battle stratagems, which Cinia found herself taking a modicum of interest in, but what was more intriguing was the ways in which there were many notes relating to magic, too. Under the cover of darkness, Cinia would often take this book and attempt to simulate the various practices of magic outlined in the tome, and found that while some were less than optimal, other small things like fudging around with the incantation or by deviating from the common invocation would often lead to surprising, but positive results. Reinforced by the notion that this book would improve her own spellcasting to surpass that of her sister's, and possibly even her parents', she would take to practicing with the book almost every night. Her dress became increasingly less and less conservative and as her parents took note of it, they soon believed it had something to do with the elder magic she was practicing, and forbade her to go out at all during night-time. While they never discovered her book, this ended up limiting her practice.

However, this didn't matter in the long run as news began to spread that Etruria was in grave danger, and the southern borders were shut down. It was obvious that tensions had been increasing during these times, but Cinia had never really paid much attention to the news between Etruria and Lycia until now, when she became very concerned for her own safety. Cinia's sister, while she had been given more attention, was the only other member of the family who could detect Cinia's concern and the two suddenly started to bond with each other more and more through the rest of the month, after the two reconciled their differences that one night. They became abnormally close to each other, their relationship had even started to scare their parents. Thereafter, Cinia had forgotten about the imminent disaster that was to befall Etruria, until that fateful day...

The southern provinces of Etruria was invaded by Lycia. The Terranus family, unfortunately, had lived reasonably close to this area, so their only recourse was to flee, having already seen the Etrurian king's reaction to this debacle most likely leading to annexation. The parents had urged Cinia and her sister to leave first, as they covered the escape route. Cinia grabbed her robes which she used to wear before, draped herself in them, and ran. She ran away with her sister, and they had constantly made stops to wait for their parents, but their parents were never behind them. The sister wanted to return to find them, but Cinia convinced her that they had no choice but to flee to a safer part of the continent. Unfortunately, that was when the pair was caught by Lycian legionnaries, who expressed desire to run the two of them down with their spears and swords.

They continued their mad dash through the plains and woods, and eventually Cinia decided it was too unsafe to continue as a pair. Tears in her eyes, Cinia proclaimed that the two of them must split up, and that they would reunite some day in the future when this entire mess was over. They sealed the promise with a kiss before they went their separate ways.

Cinia was able to flee all the way to the western part of Bern after serendipity struck and she happened upon a group of fellow Etrurian magic user refugees. After finding shelter and a place to properly rest and recuperate, Cinia has been plotting to find a way to get back at Lycia and attempt to find out what happened to her parents, and most importantly attempt to find out what happened to her dearest sister, Panika.