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Full Version: Community and site conduct guidelines.
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Thus far, we've gone by with an implied, common-sense idea of proper conduct on the FEPlanet forums, on the site, and while using its services.
This is what I expect of you.

I trust that, as a contributing part of our community, you can engage in civil and responsible discussion, with fair and proper use of the services on our site.

We have a small team of supervisory people, whom we trust to exercise their own good judgement to keep our community and site.

To clarify some important points, we've provided some guidelines and recommendations here.

We've also left the thread for this open, so you can provide feedback and ask questions about the guidelines.

The guidelines:

Do not post, submit, discuss, request, or link to, anything that violates the local or United States laws.
This will be severely punished and strictly enforced.

We may amend, rewrite, or nullify any or all of the following at any time.

Personal insults, flippant attacks and derogatory comments, whether about a poster, team member or the site in general, are not acceptable.
Sexist or racist comments, and those discriminatorily against, or offensive to, any people, type, or group of people, will not be tolerated and may result in a ban.

Feedback is welcomed and appreciated. Feel free to lodge your constructive criticisms and ideas in the respective forums, or contact us directly.

Keep knowingly offensive religious remarks out of posts. We appreciate that there are many words in everyday use that only upset a pedantic minority, so try to use them in the right context.

Try to keep replies on-topic to either the post in question or to the thread in which you’re replying to. This helps ensure that discussion is relevant, and keeps a steady pace.

Any posts deemed inappropriate may be deleted or edited at our discretion. While not ideal, we also reserve the right to delete replies to deleted comments, entire threads, or close the board at any time to help maintain an ordered and friendly atmosphere.

Users may be temporarily or permanently banned from the forum and site, and/or have their access to FEPlanet and its services partially or fully restricted, at our discretion and judgement, for repeated offenses, abuse or misuse of the site and services, or for extreme offenses to the guidelines (especially the first).

In short:
The rules can change. Follow common sense. Obey the laws, be respectful, give feedback. don't offend people, and stay on topic.
It's up to us whether or not a post gets deleted or a user is banned, but it's up to you to keep it from happening.